Caminito del Rey entry tickets available up to the end of January 2017

Tickets are now available right up to the end of January 2017 for walking the Caminito del Rey.

There is also now a guided tour option on the booking page and as all the information is in Spanish, One must assume that the guided tour is in spanish as well.

Presumably the web site and the guided tours will be correctly published and supplied in at least English in the near future. As of now it seems the emphasis is on the Spanish language even though a large proportion of visitors are international.

Info on how to book your ticket here…

The second phase of Caminito del Rey will cost 1.2 million Euros.

Today, the Malaga Council presented its next phase of improvements for the Caminito del Rey that will cost around 1.2 million euros and will include a tunnel, a waterfall and two visitor centers. Presumably some of this money will come from the investment from the company that won the contract to run the walkway for the next four years.

The visitor centres will be located at either end of the Caminito but the biggest investment seems to be in widening and improving the road network leading to the Caminito del Rey. There will also be new information signs for tourists.

What is unknown is whether the Caminito will reopen from the direction of El Chorro or if all visitors will have to walk in one direction from the lake/kings chair/el Kiosko side and return to the start point by bus.

News was also released today that the Caminito del Rey will reopen before the end of April at a cost of 10 euros per person. Distribution of tickets for the coming 4 years is, quite frankly, astounding… 36% for local business (hotels etc), 36 percent for agencies and adventure travel guides, 16% for schools, studies etc and a measly 10% available on the online booking system… This will probably mean the the 10 percent will get snapped up in the first few days leaving the same system of using a local bar or hotel to get a permit as has happened over the last year…

Caminito del Rey now under control of a private company

Although the official date has not been announced yet for the reopeing of the Caminito del Rey under control of a private company I was assured today on the telephone by the company who made the winning bid that visits will start again sometime towards the middle (20th) of April 2016.

The company talking over control of the Caminito del Rey (Hermanos Campano SL) already have some experience in running large sites as they alreay run “El Teatro Romano” In Malaga. The oldest monument in Málaga City and situated at the foot of the famous Alcazaba fortress. Here they provide guided visits, organise archaeoligical investigations and maintain the entire area.

With regards to the Caminito del Rey they will control all access, maintainence, guided tours etc They will also pay a hefty sum of over 300,000 euros a year to Malaga town council for the next 4 years (1.6 million Euros) Which is why they won the contract in the first place as they put more money on the table.

The website for reserving a walk on the Caminito will remain the same ( and presumably some techie is working at this moment to get some kind of payment system installed onto the existing website.

The price to enter will be around 10 Euros per person which presumably means that the various companies in the area charging for guided tours will either have to stop their activities or raise their prices as over the last year, some have been charging 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children (10yrs). Hotels that have been getting free access for their guests and benefitting from a huge increase in room sales will also have to charge from April onwards.

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