No tickets for the Caminito left online? No problem (hopefully)

So you have been to the official website to book your tickets for the Caminito del Rey and to your dismay the dates you want are full (agotado). Not to worry as there are two other ways that you can get your ticket.

Firstly, stay in a local hotel such as the Posada del Conde or the Garganta Complex. These are the two hotels nearest to the walk that can get the tickets for you. (When you make the booking, make sure that you add a message to say that you are specifically booking because you want to walk the Caminito del Rey.) If the hotels are full then other hotels found on can help as well such as the fantastic Hotel Magdalena closer to Antequera.

Secondly,  Just turn up and buy your ticket at the gate. (10 euros each and you can pay by card as well as cash). Remember that the entrance for the Caminito del Rey is at the reservoirs/kings chair/el kiosko side… The north entrance. Right now you cannot start the walk from the El Chorro (south) side…

This is because there are a percentage of tickets (6% of the 1100 people allowed in daily.) When you can enter depends on how many people turn up for each allocated time slot. The maximum amount of people that enter every half an hour is 60 people so if you are there to buy your ticket at 11am and there are only 45 people checking in then you will be allowed to go along with that group… If there are 60 people you will have to wait for the next group in 30 minutes time.

Speaking with the manager there she told me that very rarely do people have to wait for more than an hour and on this day she had sold 120 entries at the gate and the people went in almost straight away but, she did say…”Try to get here as early as possible for the morning entries and weekends or holidays can be more complicated sometimes meaning people get turned away”

Even if you do have to wait a while, it really isn’t a hardship to sit and admire tha amazing scenery at the entrance to the Caminito del Rey!

Steve Barham (The rambling man) writes about the Caminito del Rey

If anyone still needs a reason to visit and walk the Caminito del Rey then over at the Rambling Mans website there you have it. An excellent in depth article, with lots of pictures, about the experience of a visit to the Caminito del Rey – Well worth a read. Thanks Steve 🙂

The old path, what’s left of it, has been retained and is just below the new walkway of wooden boarding on a galvanised steel framework anchored securely to the cliff face and with reassuringly sturdy cable and steel post railings.At the southern end a new steel suspension bridge with a metal mesh floor and another section with a thick glass floor allow an uninterupted view to the river below.

Read the entire article here…

Caminito del Rey entry tickets available up to the end of January 2017

Tickets are now available right up to the end of January 2017 for walking the Caminito del Rey.

There is also now a guided tour option on the booking page and as all the information is in Spanish, One must assume that the guided tour is in spanish as well.

Presumably the web site and the guided tours will be correctly published and supplied in at least English in the near future. As of now it seems the emphasis is on the Spanish language even though a large proportion of visitors are international.

Info on how to book your ticket here…

The second phase of Caminito del Rey will cost 1.2 million Euros.

Today, the Malaga Council presented its next phase of improvements for the Caminito del Rey that will cost around 1.2 million euros and will include a tunnel, a waterfall and two visitor centers. Presumably some of this money will come from the investment from the company that won the contract to run the walkway for the next four years.

The visitor centres will be located at either end of the Caminito but the biggest investment seems to be in widening and improving the road network leading to the Caminito del Rey. There will also be new information signs for tourists.

What is unknown is whether the Caminito will reopen from the direction of El Chorro or if all visitors will have to walk in one direction from the lake/kings chair/el Kiosko side and return to the start point by bus.

News was also released today that the Caminito del Rey will reopen before the end of April at a cost of 10 euros per person. Distribution of tickets for the coming 4 years is, quite frankly, astounding… 36% for local business (hotels etc), 36 percent for agencies and adventure travel guides, 16% for schools, studies etc and a measly 10% available on the online booking system… This will probably mean the the 10 percent will get snapped up in the first few days leaving the same system of using a local bar or hotel to get a permit as has happened over the last year…

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