Caminito del rey closed because of bad weather

Caminito del Rey closed due to bad weather?

I have had hundreds of emails from people over the last few months stating that they arrived at the entrance of the Caminito only to find that it was closed… This was AFTER many of them had checked the official website, (The one where they booked and paid for their tickets) on the day of the walk and NO notice was posted to say that the pathway was closed… 🙁

So, what to do?… If you think that the weather might be bad then of course check the official website but I would say that the only real way to find out is to call them on the phone or write a message on their facebook page.. (The facebook page seems to answer messages a lot faster than emails) and, they do tend to post closure notices on the facebook page…

The phone number is… 902 78 73 25

You can get a refund if the walk is closed for some reason that is not your fault or you can change your ticket for a different date…. There is a deadline of 4 days from the date the Caminito del rey is closed… The claim form is at the bottom of this page at the official website

And though the facebook page is in Spanish, you will be fine writing to them in English…

Remember… If you do have a complaint about your Caminito del Rey experience, then tell them about it… Nothing gets changed for the better if we all stay silent.. 🙂

Also remember that the Caminito del Rey is closed on Mondays… It will close in very heavy rain, high winds and other inclement weather, and also when there is the danger of rockfalls or essential and urgent maintenence that needs to be carried out…

6 thoughts on “Caminito del Rey closed due to bad weather?”

  1. Thanks for the info….but it is not at all clear where on their official website they give an early in the day notice of closure. Sitting here at 9.00am, we’re wondering whether to go or not. Tried ringing them too but no answer.
    There really should be a daily status alert to check either Open or Closed.
    I will send this to their website too.
    Best regards,
    Rich Broome

    1. Hi, Rich… I think my article is vcery clear actually 🙂 If there is a status alert posted then you will see it on the home page of the official website… If it is not there then it is not closed…. There is also the facebook option as I mention in the article…

  2. What would be accessible to visit on a Monday? Are there good photo opportunities even if the pathway is closed? Could we get as far as the Salida Pasarela Sur from El Chorro? Monday may be our only day to visit.

    1. You Can’t get on the board walk but from El Chorro you can walk up almost as far as the train tunnel/Bridge. From the lakeside start point at Kioskop restaurant you can walk down the path to the entry point…. Nice views….

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