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Caminito del Rey in Lonely Planet top 10 places to visit list for 2015

The high profile publicity for the Caminito del Rey just keeps coming…. The Lonely Planet has this to say…

Fifteen years later, the route is reopening, allowing access again to one of Spain’s most spectacular walking trails. No longer the preserve of professional climbers and adrenaline-seekers, the damaged path has been fixed and reinforced, while a new handrail provides further support. The views however, continue to take your breath away.

However, I still have a few concerns about how the entry to the caminito will be organised… As of today,  there has been no official opening date and the website direction for “on line reservations” has not been announced. Latest rumors are that children under 10 years of age will not be allowed to walk the path and that helmets will be compulsory (however, there is no mention as yet if helmets will be supplied and included in the entry price)..

Hopefully we will have some news before the end of January..

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