12 thoughts on “Caminito del Rey tickets available up to 7th March 2020”

  1. Hello, guys! We are from Romania and we are interested to book and buy eventually tickets to El Caminito del Rey for March 29th. On your site we cannot selected that date. That date it’s not available yet? we have to wait? Thank’s!

    1. Hi, yes you have to wait untill they open up the reservations for the end of march, april and may. Keep an eye on their reservation website

  2. Hello, I am looking buy tickets for April 30. Currently, on the official website, it says ‘No schedule found’ for any date in March, even for the dates (March 1-7), for which the tickets have been released. However, I do see tickets available for their tour option that includes the train from Malaga for the entire month of March. Does this mean that it is just not possible to buy tickets without the tour, or does it mean that their website is not showing tickets as sold out for March?

  3. In reply to Nikki – yes, you can usually get tickets through tour companies even if the date is sold out on the official website. This is what I have found, at any rate. I did find one company that did a guided tour where you meet at the kiosk near the starting point. The other ones are more expensive as they include the bus from Malaga. You must go! We went last month and absolutely loved it and hope to go again in July.

  4. Thanks, Julie!
    Which tour company did you use?

    I will keep checking the website every day until I am certain there are no tickets available for my April date. We have rented a car and will be driving down from Granada to do the hike then up to Ronda afterward, so staying at a hotel or taking the train from Malaga just to do the hike isn’t really practical

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