Caminito del Rey Logo Banner

The Caminito del Rey has its Advertising logo

The Caminito del Rey now has it’s corporate image ready for the scheduled opening in early 2015. The logo was approved recently  and will be used on all the official promotional material for the area.

The logo has the approval of the Council of Malaga and the mayors of Alora, Ardales, Antequera and Abdalajís which are the towns closest and most affected by the Camino restoration project

This element was decisive for choosing this design, which should be representative of municipalities by running (Alora and Ardales) as well as the neighboring towns (Antequera and Valle de Abdalajís).

The new logo was chosen because it simplifies and combines  the three essential elements of the  Caminito del Rey. These elements being its  landscape , the spectacular suspension bridge, and the iconic element of the crown which of course gave the footpath it’s name.

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