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Tickets for Caminito del Rey available for summer through to December 2022

The official website for the Caminito del Rey has now opened up Tickets for Caminito del Rey available for summer through to December 2022

Also included, and new for this next batch, is the availability to reserve car parking along with your entry ticket and shuttle bus at 2 euros per car. The car park is located next to the official information centre for the Caminito del Rey (Puerto de las Atalayas). Still not open to the public…

See here for instructions on booking your ticket:

Read this if the date you want is not available:

Tickets for Caminito del Rey available for summer through to December 2022

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El Caminito del Rey – The Kings Path – El Chorro

A bit of history about the Caminito del Rey

“El Caminito del Rey”, in English, “The King’s little pathway”, was initially built as an access route. It enabled workers at the hydroelectric power plants of El Chorro Gorge and Gaitanes Gorge with an easier way to transport materials, maintain and inspect the workings of the two power plants. Construction of the “walkway” began in 1901 and was finished in 1905 and in 1921 King Alfonso XIII visited and walked along the path for the inauguration of the Conde del Guadalhorce dam and since that time it became known as the “Kings path”

The Kings Path - Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga
The Kings Path – Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga

The original walkway was just 1 metre (3.3 ft) wide and in places more than 100 metres (330 ft) above the river below. From one end to the other is about 3KM. The path was constructed with concrete resting

working on the original pathway
working on the original pathway

on steel rails supported by stanchions at around 45 degrees driven into the rock face and for many years was in a highly deteriorated state with numerous sections collapsed and large open air gaps bridged only by the narrow steel rails. Very few of the original handrails existed but a safety-wire placed by climbers ran the length of the path. The area is a mecca for climbers and the Caminito del Rey became known as one of the most impressive and dangerous mountain trails in the world (as the many videos on you tube certainly demonstrate.) But, after several people lost their lives on the walkway (in 1999 and 2000) both access points were demolished by local authorities and access prohibited.

In June 2011 the regional government of Andalusia and the local government of Málaga agreed to share the costs of a restoration project (including car parking and a museum) but even with a budget of €9 million euros,the project took approximately three years to start and only in March 2014 the restauration work began.

In its new upgraded and repaired state the Camino del Rey has wooden and concrete flooring, glass-bottomed viewing and safety rails along the whole length.

Camino del Rey 2014
How the Camino del Rey looked in 2014 – Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga

The official opening ceremony took place in February 2015 and the Caminito del Rey is currently one of the most visited destinations in Andalucía.

Nearest hotel Accommodation

El Chorro – “La Garganta” hotel and tourist complex

Guadalhorce – The Posada del Conde Boutique Hotel

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Bobastro castle and Omar ben Hafsun

A few kilometres from El Chorro and the Caminito del Rey, you can visit Bobastro castle and Omar ben Hafsun. (Follow the MA-448 until the junction signposted for Bobastro and the Mesas de Villaverde.) lay the ruins of the impressive fortress known as “Bobastro” that are well worth a visit if only for its stunning setting. (You really need a car to visit this place though.)

This area around 850 to 917 was ruled by Umar ibn Hafsun ibn Ja’far ibn Salim (Arabic: عمر بن حَفْصُون بن جعفر بن سالم).  In Spanish this man was known as Omar Ben Hafsun and in the 9th-century he was a formidable Christian leader of the anti-Ummayad forces in southern Iberia.

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