Bar la Ermita - El Chorro

Bar La Ermita – El Chorro

Bar la Ermita - El Chorro
Bar la Ermita – El Chorro

Jose, the owner of Bar La Ermita is, quite frankly, a really nice guy. He is also the person to talk to if you are interested in climbing in the area as this is also the local base for the “Peña de Escaladores” – The local climbing club. if you need to ask questions about climbing then this is the place to stop off for a beer and a tapas or three…

On weekends and holidays there is a barbecue going and the meats that come off it are delicious. Usual “venta” food which is good quality and not expensive.

Jose also has accommodation to rent (ask him for dates available but at 13 euros per night per person you can’t really go wrong.) and during the months from May to September the swimming pool is also open. Although not a lot of English spoken here, Jose has his trusty (and well thumbed) dictionary at hand and is very happy to help people out during their visit to the Camino del Rey and surrounding areas.

Located on the MA444 Just a couple of Kilometers from the village of El Chorro on the way towards the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir

Contact him by telephone 615 014 391


3 thoughts on “Bar La Ermita – El Chorro”

  1. I have just come back home from La Ermita after spending a few days there, once again. Meals are cheap but trustworthy and tasty, Rooms are small but not luxury at all, 13 euros the night do not pay off for much more than bed, sheets and WC close to your roomto get you ready for the next day. Not at a hotel, you are. Plenty of openair and space in the hacienda, though. If you ask to have breakfast , José will be there, otherwise he’ll be working on the hacienda. Should nobody be able to attend the bar, he would provide ideas for you at night to get a snack for the morning breakfast if you happen to be an early bird to get about the area, which he really knows well.
    Swimming pool is indeed a luxury, with pool cleaning and spring water filled every 3 days …

  2. nos han tratado fatal el bar cerrado el dormitoro es un catre no tenemos desayuno pues el var sigue cerrado total una verdadera porqueria

    1. Hi Antonio, firstly, this is an English language website designed to help people who don’t speak/read Spanish….. Secondly, I have eaten at Bar la Ermita many times and never had a problem. I have also used the swimming pool during the summer months and the water has been clean and the staff friendly and helpful…

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