Caminito del Rey 2015

Caminito del Rey reservations for 2015 almost full.

Looking at the official Caminito del Rey online reservation system we can see that October 2015 is now fully booked and there are just a few weekdays left for the months of November and December.

One thing that really struck me was the speed at which the weekends for the last three months of 2015 filled so quickly… The online booking system for the Caminito del Rey is limited to 700 permits each day and there are 26 Saturdays and Sundays during these three months… This means that the system handled 18,200 peoples permits in just of a couple hours. This doesn’t include the people online at the time and not getting a permit for the date they wanted. Plus, of course, the system sent out 18,200 emails to the people who got the permits for the date they wanted…

Call me sceptical but I simply don’t believe it. Something happened that pre booked the weekends because it is highly unlikely that the reservation system for the Caminito del Rey would have stayed online with that many people bombarding it with requests…

Along with this, access is now only being granted from the Ardales/kings chair/reservoir side with no explanation or reason being given by the authorities running what is now one of the biggest tourist attractions for the area.

I have written to and telephoned the Diputation of Malaga and they simply won’t tell me anything about these two points I am making here. Quite frankly I don’t understand the need for secrecy… The official website is totally lacking in any updated news when all it would take is a small announcement telling people of the changes.

Comments welcome if anyone can find out what is really going on.

So we are almost back to where we were during the summer. The only way to get a walk on the Caminito del Rey will be to stay in a local hotel for the night… Not a hardship really as the Posada del Conde (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) is one of my favorite hotels and is perfectly placed to make the walk

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