2023 Caminito del Rey tickets

Caminito del Rey tickets 2023

The official website for the Caminito del Rey has now opened up Caminito del Rey tickets 2023 (up to the end of March 2023).

Also included in this next batch, is the availability to reserve car parking along with your entry ticket and the shuttle bus. The car park is located next to the official information centre for the Caminito del Rey (Puerto de las Atalayas). Read some important information about the reception centre here: https://www.caminodelrey.es/caminito-del-rey-visitors-reception-centre/

See here for instructions on booking your ticket: https://www.caminodelrey.es/the-booking-portal-for-the-caminito-del-rey-how-to-buy-an-entrance-ticket/

Read this if the date you want is not available: http://www.caminodelrey.es/no-tickets-for-the-caminito-left-online-no-problem-hopefully/

Or, have a looked at these guided options from Get your Guide for Caminito del Rey tickets 2023

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