Caminito del Rey visitor centre

Caminito del Rey Visitors’ Reception Centre

Finally, after the inaugeration by local politicians and dignitaries in October 2022, the Caminito del Rey visitors’ reception centre has opened to the public. It is getting mixed reviews and quite a few negative comments I’ll try to explain whats going and give some solutions if you are looking for 2024 Caminito del Rey tickets.

Caminito del Rey visitor centre
The Caminito del Rey visitor centre was opened in October 2022 by local politicians and dignitaries.

The reception centre and main car park is situated at Puerto de las Atalayas on the MA 5403 road about halfway between the village of El Chorro and the start point of the Caminito del Rey. Inside you’ll find displays and information about the history of the area with great views across the lakes of Ardales.

A look inside the Caminito del Rey Reception Centre.
There have been a few negative comments about the new centre.
  • The published opening hours are from 8am to 5 pm every day except Monday. However these opening hours seem to be a bit “flexible” at the very least and many people have found the centre closed during published open times.
  • You cannot buy tickets for the Caminito del Rey from the reception centre. Read about how to get tickets here:
  • There is parking for 250 cars at 2 euros per day. However, many people are complaining that they are being charged on the day when they previously purchased parking and shuttle bus using the online system.
  • The shuttle bus from the reception centre to the nearest area for the Caminito del Rey start point takes about 20 minutes. There have been complaints similar to the parking that the bus charges (2.50 euros) even though a bus ticket was purchased during the online process for an entry ticket.
  • The bus takes CASH ONLY will not accept card
  • Masks must be worn on the bus at all times.

If you use this parking whilst you walk the Caminito del Rey then I reccommend that you have the correct money in your pocket just in case the bus wants to charge you. (You can always complain later).

REMEMBER: This car park is approximately an hour away from the start point (by the time you have parked, got the bus, arrived at start area and then walked to the start point. Try to be parking at least 1.5 hours before your entry time.

Don’t be too dissapointed if you find the reception centre closed. The actual Caminito del Rey is much better anyway!

Caminito del Rey visitor centre
The Caminito del Rey visitor centre has information about the history of the area.

I am sure as time goes by these teething problems for the new Caminito del Rey visitors’ reception centre will be solved and also, none of them really take away the fantastic experience of walking the spectacular Caminito del Rey

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