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As a travel writer and blogger, I specialize in providing valuable information about the Caminito del Rey, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. This website, Camino del Rey, is a go-to resource for anyone planning to visit the area and looking for insider tips on how to make the most of their trip.

Articles cover a range of topics related to the Caminito del Rey, including how to buy tickets, where to stay, and how to get there. Also, I provide valuable insights on other attractions in the area, such as scenic walks, hidden gems, and local culture.

My personal experiences and knowledge of the region help readers create unforgettable travel experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)

The Caminito del Rey is a popular walkway in Andalusia, Spain. Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket) one must first register for an account on the website

An alternative to the official website is to book a ticket for the Caminito del Rey at the Viator website here.

Key points
  • Once the account is created, tickets can be purchased through the site. The entry permit is 10 Euros per person and the site accepts payment by credit/bank card.
  • The path is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday, but is closed on Mondays and on specific holidays.
  • If the desired date is not available, there is the option to book a guided tour or stay in a local hotel, although the online form may not be available in all cases.
  • In order to complete the booking process, it is important to have a valid email and password, and to confirm the account through the email sent.
  • When purchasing tickets, the user must choose the date, time and type of entry, which includes options for just the entry ticket, entry plus shuttle bus, or guided tour.
  • Payment must be made with the credit card used during the registration process, and a confirmation email will be sent with the reference number to take with you on the day of the walk along with a passport and credit card.

Instructions to get your ticket for the Caminito del Rey

  • Remember! CLOSED ON MONDAYS...
  • When does the path open? Every day from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • When does it close? Every Monday, and January 1st, December 24th, 25th and 31st December


Entry permits are 10 Euros per person, 18 for the guided tour and 11,55 for the entry and shuttle bus… Payment is made by credit/bank card in full during the booking process. You must create an account on the system in order to purchase tickets for the Caminito del Rey

Step by step instructions – Caminito del Rey. Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket).
Remember! You have to register an account first
  • Go to (This is the English language home page.)
  • Register with the site first! At the top left you will see a link for registering or logging in. (REGISTRO / ACCESO ESPACIO PERSONAL) Register with a valid email and password which in Spanish is the word “Clave“. (NOTE: YOUR PASSWORD MUST CONTAIN NUMBERS AND LETTERS!) “Si todavía no estás registrado, puedes hacerlo en el formulario de RegistroThis means if you don’t have an account then create one……
  • Click Registro. Fill out the registration form and register your account. (Don’t forget to check the two boxes before you click on “Aceptar” and try to get the capcha code right first time!
  • Check your email for confirmation (don’t forget to look in your spam folder). The email takes an age to arrive.. In my case with 5 test accounts more than 10 minutes! YOU MUST confirm the account by clicking “Activar” in the email.
Buying your tickets for the Caminito del Rey
  • At the the top right, click on “Purchase Tickets” and you’ll be taken to the booking portal (Sometimes it switches back to Spanish) Look for the English language link to change back again.
  • (If you are rebooking for another date because of closure on your original date of entry click on the link at the top that says “CANJEO POR CIERRE”. (Or Exchange by Closing) Select the new date you want and then add the original reference number from the email you received when you made your initial reservation.)
  • The page with the calendar should load straight away so that you can select the date that you would like the permit for. (use the buttons to navigate through the calendar and select the date you want. If they are not available you will see YELLOW dates and “Agotado” means no places available… GREEN dates means there is availability…
  • Click a date and then select the hour you want to walk the Caminito del Rey and Enter how many people are going in your group.
  • At this point in order to continue you must login to the site with the account you created earlier.
  • You can select the just ticket or ticket plus bus ticket or guided tour. Parking is also available to pay for in advance.
  • Make sure that you tick the box to say you accept the rules – (He leído y acepto las condiciones generales de compra y Política de Privacidad.)
  • Click on” Finalizar” and enter your card details and click “Pagar”. You will receive an email with confirmation of your entry…PRINT THIS and take it with you along with your passport AND the credit card that you used to make the purchase on the day of your walk.
Try to get you info correct first time!

Note: Try to get all your info right the first time. Sometimes when the page refreshes and you have got something wrong, the information you previously entered is lost and you have to start again.

Some people are having trouble with the system accepting certain emails. If this happens try a different email address.

If you can’t get a ticket for the day you want then the one alternative is to stay in a local hotel. These are the ones nearest to the Caminito del Rey.


Get Your Guide

If it is impossible to get a normal entry ticket from the online system or elsewhere then the only option may be a guided visit (An excellent option for larger groups as well!). Have a look at these options at the Get Your Guide website

Caminito del Rey rules and regulations

Some people seem to be a bit confused about the Caminito del Rey rules and regulations and some have even been stopped from entering because they have the wrong type of rucksack or refuse to give up their selfie stick.

So here is a basic list of rules

Hours of opening:
From October 31st to March 31st (winter) and from April 1st to November 1st (summer).
The gates open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (winter time ) and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (summer).

The pathway will allow 50 people at half hour intervals to enter from the access point (Lakes, Kings chair, Kiosko bar.) There is no access from the El Chorro side. The maximum number of people allowed to be on the path at any one time is 400

The path is closed on Mondays plus December 24th, 25th and 31st, and January 1st.

The most important rules
  • For organised groups the maximum is 50 people plus the guide.
  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed. (Visitors over the age of 8 and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and provide proof of age through an ID, passport, family book or equivalent so it can be verified along the route by Staff. Plus, adults must always carry a proof of age document as it will be required in order to enter and exit the path)
  • The route is LINEAR so you can’t walk there and back. (If you have parked your car by the lake, kings chair, kiosko bar area then you get a shuttle bus back from El Chorro where the Caminito del Rey pathway ends.)
  • The total length of the Caminito del Rey is 7.7 kms. The actual elevated route is almost 5 kms and the rest the access footpaths. Estimated time for walking the path is about 4.5 hours.
  • There are no toilet facilities along the path. (Toilets at the start point).
  • There is no where to buy food or water (bring your own and
    Picnicing along the pathway is not allowed).
  • The path is not recommended if you are afraid of heights or are generally unfit.
  • Safety helmets will be provided at the start of the Camino del Rey and must be worn at all times.
  • You cannot carry large rucksacks. (The kind backpackers use). Only a small rucksack to carry water and other essentials is allowed.
  • Umbrellas are not allowed 🙂
  • Selfie sticks are not allowed
  • No pets allowed.

There are lots of other Caminito del Rey rules and regulations but the above cover the most important ones. Funnily enough, you aren’t allowed to scatter the ashes of your favorite Grandmother along the Caminito and neither are you allowed to take your clothes or shoes off

Seriously no ash scattering or stripping please! 🙂

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Poetry about the Caminito del Rey

Here is some poetry about the Caminito del Rey that someone sent me from the perspective of a person who is afraid of heights but still enjoyed the walk on the Caminito del Rey!”

Trembling with fear, I took the first step.
Along the pathway, once deemed so steep.
King’s Little Pathway, Caminito del Rey.
A marvel of engineering, that much was clear

I looked down, and my heart skipped a beat.
The river far below, seemed to compete.
With my nerves, and my courage so low.
But still, I walked, and I wouldn’t let go

The renovations made it safer, no doubt.
But the view, oh the view, it made me shout.
In awe and wonder, at the beauty so rare.
Of the Gaitanes Gorge, a sight beyond compare

I clutched the rail, with every step I took.
But with each one, I felt a little less shook.
The thrill of adventure, and the fear of height.
Filled me with a mix of emotions, both so bright

And as I reached the end, I felt so proud.
Of myself, for not giving in to my fears, and to bow.
To the beauty that I saw, with my own two eyes:
And the Caminito del Rey, I’d recommend to all, such a prize!

have you written any poetry about the Caminito del Rey. Please feel free to share in the comments!

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El Caminito del Rey – The Kings Path – El Chorro

A bit of history about the Caminito del Rey

“El Caminito del Rey”, in English, “The King’s little pathway”, was initially built as an access route. It enabled workers at the hydroelectric power plants of El Chorro Gorge and Gaitanes Gorge with an easier way to transport materials, maintain and inspect the workings of the two power plants. Construction of the “walkway” began in 1901 and was finished in 1905 and in 1921 King Alfonso XIII visited and walked along the path for the inauguration of the Conde del Guadalhorce dam and since that time it became known as the “Kings path”

The Kings Path - Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga
The Kings Path – Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga

The original walkway was just 1 metre (3.3 ft) wide and in places more than 100 metres (330 ft) above the river below. From one end to the other is about 3KM. The path was constructed with concrete resting

working on the original pathway
working on the original pathway

on steel rails supported by stanchions at around 45 degrees driven into the rock face and for many years was in a highly deteriorated state with numerous sections collapsed and large open air gaps bridged only by the narrow steel rails. Very few of the original handrails existed but a safety-wire placed by climbers ran the length of the path. The area is a mecca for climbers and the Caminito del Rey became known as one of the most impressive and dangerous mountain trails in the world (as the many videos on you tube certainly demonstrate.) But, after several people lost their lives on the walkway (in 1999 and 2000) both access points were demolished by local authorities and access prohibited.

In June 2011 the regional government of Andalusia and the local government of Málaga agreed to share the costs of a restoration project (including car parking and a museum) but even with a budget of €9 million euros,the project took approximately three years to start and only in March 2014 the restauration work began.

In its new upgraded and repaired state the Camino del Rey has wooden and concrete flooring, glass-bottomed viewing and safety rails along the whole length.

Camino del Rey 2014
How the Camino del Rey looked in 2014 – Photo Credit Diputacion de Malaga

The official opening ceremony took place in February 2015 and the Caminito del Rey is currently one of the most visited destinations in Andalucía.

Nearest hotel Accommodation

El Chorro – “La Garganta” hotel and tourist complex

Guadalhorce – The Posada del Conde Boutique Hotel

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