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Hotels in the area of the Caminito del rey

Remember that most of the hotels in the area of the Caminito del Rey can help you with the entry permits for the Caminito del Rey.

With the restricted access (half normal capacity) and the difficulty in getting a permit on the online reservation system why not stay in a local hotel, help the local economy and take the hassle out of getting a ticket.

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The Grazalema Guide

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The Grazalema Guide – Tourist Information Portal for the Sierra de Grazalema, Wildside Holidays, The town of Ronda and the Caminito del Rey.

Caminito del Rey tickets available up to 4th April 2021

The company running the Caminito del Rey have announced that tickets are now on sale for the period 12th of March to the 4th of April.

Remember to check that you are able to travel to the area of the Caminito del rey from wherever you live as there are still restrictions of cross province movement in some areas.

If for some reason the Caminito del Rey closes on the day that you have a ticket you can request a refund but remember you only have four days to do so from the date of the closure. Read more here for a refund.

Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)

I hope these instructions help you to reserve a walk on the Caminito del Rey. The official and ONLY booking website has some of the worst translations I have ever seen!!!!The comments and questions at the bottom are also very helpful so please feel free to ask or leave some feedback/experiences.

UPDATE March 2021….The online booking system has changed slightly for the better since the writing of this article and is now a little easier to navigate. REMEMBER that there is only one official website to buy your tickets from online.

Instructions to get your ticket for the Caminito del Rey

When does the path open? Every day from Tuesday to Sunday.
When does it close? Every Monday, and January 1st, December 24th, 25th and 31st December


Entry permits are 10 Euros per person, 18 for the guided tour and 11,55 for the entry and shuttle bus…Payment is made by credit/bank card in full during the booking process.

  • Go to (This is the English language home page.)
  • In the the top left column click on “Book your visit” and you’ll be taken to the booking portal (In Spanish) You can select English language at the top right of the booking portal.
  • (If you are rebooking for another date because of closure on your original date of entry click on the link at the top that says “CANJEO POR CIERRE”. (Or Exchange by Closing) Select the new date you want and then add the original reference number from the email you received when you made your initial reservation.)
  • The page with the calendar should load straight away so that you can select the date that you would like the permit for. (use the buttons to navigate through the calendar and select the date you want. If they are not available you will see RED writing and “Agotado” means no places available… GREEN writing means there is availability…
  • Select the hour you want to walk the Caminito del Rey and click seleccionar – Select
  • Enter how many people are going in your group. (YOU MAY HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN FOR THIS)
  • You can select the just ticket or ticket plus bus ticket or guided tour.)
  • Click on “Comprar – Purchase” and the page refreshes with an area at the bottom  for you to fill out your details.
  • Make sure that you tick the box to say you accept the rules – (He leído y acepto las condiciones generales de compra y Política de Privacidad.)
  • Click on” Finalizar” and enter your card details and click “Pagar”. You will receive an email with confirmation of your entry…PRINT THIS and take it with you along with your passport AND the credit card that you used to make the purchase on the day of your walk.

Note: Try to get all your info right the first time. Sometimes when the page refreshes and you have got something wrong, the information you previously entered is lost and you have to start again.

Some people are having trouble with the system accepting emails. If this happens try a different email address.

If you can’t get a ticket for the day you want then the one alternative is to stay in a local hotel. These are the ones nearest to the Caminito del Rey.

Hotel Posada del Conde
Hotel La Garganta


Almost 30,000 tickets available for the Caminito del Rey

The company that manages the Caminito del Rey put a total of 29,700 tickets on sale last Thursday the 20th of August. These tickets are availble up to and including the month of October.

After its reopening on June 12 the path has already recieved over a thousand visitors each day

In a statement, the company recalls that autumn is “an ideal time” to enjoy the almost three kilometers of hanging walkways attached to the rocks of the gorge, due to the gentle drop in temperature.

October also brings a change in the opening hours of the Caminito del Rey, which will open from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., from Tuesday to Sunday.

El Caminito del Rey has adopted security measures against Covid-19, which has earned it the “Prepared for Covid” recognition by the Secretary of State for Tourism within the Comprehensive System of Spanish Tourist Quality in Destinations (SICTED). Since its reopening at the end of March 2015, more than 1.5 million tourists of 116 different nationalities have walked the Caminito del Rey.

Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket) Be quick as they sell really fast.

No tickets for the Caminito left online? No problem (hopefully)

So you have been to the official website to book your tickets for the Caminito del Rey and to your dismay the dates you want are full (agotado). No tickets for the Caminito left online?…..Not to worry as there are two other ways that you can get your ticket.

Firstly, stay in a local hotel such as the Posada del Conde or the Garganta Complex. These are the two hotels nearest to the walk that can get the tickets for you. (When you make the booking, make sure that you add a message to say that you are specifically booking because you want to walk the Caminito del Rey.) If the hotels are full then other hotels found on can help as well such as the fantastic Hotel Magdalena closer to Antequera.

Secondly,  Just turn up and buy your ticket at the gate. (10 euros each and you can pay by card as well as cash). THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK BUT MANY PEOPLE HAVE COMMENTED THAT THEY WERE ALLOWED TO PAY AT THE GATE.

Latest comments are that there are just 50 tickets available (unconfirmed) at the gate and people are turning up to queue as early as 07:30 am!

Thirdly, If you are staying in malaga go to a train station and see if you can get the combined ticket…. Click here to read more about the combined ticket!

Remember that the entrance for the Caminito del Rey is at the reservoirs/kings chair/el kiosko side… The north entrance. Right now you cannot start the walk from the El Chorro (south) side…

This is because there are a percentage of tickets (6% of the 1100 people allowed in daily.) When you can enter depends on how many people turn up for each allocated time slot. The maximum amount of people that enter every half an hour is 60 people so if you are there to buy your ticket at 11am and there are only 45 people checking in then you will be allowed to go along with that group… If there are 60 people you will have to wait for the next group in 30 minutes time.

Speaking with the manager there she told me that very rarely do people have to wait for more than an hour and on this day she had sold 120 entries at the gate and the people went in almost straight away but, she did say…”Try to get here as early as possible for the morning entries and weekends or holidays can be more complicated sometimes meaning people get turned away”

Even if you do have to wait a while, it really isn’t a hardship to sit and admire tha amazing scenery at the entrance to the Caminito del Rey!