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Caminito del Rey booking for June, July, August and September

I have just spoken on the phone to the people running the reservation website for the Caminito del Rey… they say that the reservation system will open again today Friday 10th of April for booking the path in June, July, August and September… Keep checking the booking website because there will be another rush as soon as it opens.

The booking website is experiencing the usual issues due to the demand of people trying to get a reservation so be patient, stay calm and good luck!

Full instruction here to get your reservation for the Caminito del Rey

Instructions – How to make your reservation for the Caminito del Rey



Please click the above link to get updated instructions about tickets for the Caminito del Rey

Although the official website for booking a walk on the Caminito del Rey is in four languages (Spanish, English, German and French), the actual booking system is in Spanish. That said, the booking system is fairly easy to navigate. (though not without some annoying issues – See note at the bottom of these instructions.)

If there are no availabilities for the day you want then an alternative is to stay at the hotel Posada del Conde and the staff there can arrange a permit for you for any day apart from Monday.

  1. Go to (This is the English language page.)
  2. At the top left click on “Book your visit”
  3. In the new page select the date that you would like the permit for. (use the buttons to navigate through the calendar) –  The red dates are days where there are no spaces left. Green dates have spaces available.
  4. Once the date is selected on the right hand side select which entry point you want. (Ardales is from the lake side and finishes at El Chorro and Alora is from El Chorro side and finishes at the lakes. From El Chorro the walk is more uphill and takes a bit longer, about 5 hours)
  5. Select the hour you want to enter the Camino del Rey
  6. Fill in the identification details in the form that appears (The ones marked with an asterisk are obligatory). Select from the drop down, passport or DNI. (some people are having trouble with this. I put my British passport number in the DNI box without a problem
  7. Say how many people that are going with you and fill out the details of those people. (You will need their passport details as well.
  8.  Tick the box to say you accept the rules – “Normas Reguladoras de Uso”
  9. Click on the “Reservar” and you are done… You will receive an email with all the details in a PDF document. Check your spam box if you don’t get an email)
  10. IMPORTANT – make sure you print the document and take it with you and also the passport/identification you used for you and any other people (You will be asked for this before you enter)

Note: Try to get all your info right the first time. Sometimes when the page refreshes and you have got something wrong, the information you previously put is lost and you have to start again.

TIP: You can walk back to the place you started from as long as you don’t pass the checkpoint at the other end. (I have walked from the Ardales side as far as the suspension bridge and then back again without problem and it took me 4 hours.)

There are also shuttle buses available – The shuttle buses start at 12:30pm  from each end of the Caminito del Rey and the last bus is at 20:30pm. The buses run every half hour during these times. The cost is under 2 Euros to get you back to the your start point

IMPORTANT! Remember that you have to be at the start point 30 minutes before your allotted time and from either end it takes around 30 minutes to get to the start point. Allow plenty of time to park your car and get to the start checkpoint to show your entry permit.


The website to reserve a walk on the Caminito del Rey

There has been quite a drastic change to the official website for the Caminito del Rey and there us finally a link to the online booking system (Ok, so it directs you to a  “page being built” notice but at least we have the correct web address now…. THE LINK ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE WAS ACTIVATED AT 12PM ON TUESDAY 24TH FEB BUT UNFORTUNATELY THE WHOLE WEBSITE CRASHED. IT IS BACK ONLINE ANDTHE RESERVATION SYSTEM IS NOW WORKING.

10,000 permits have been issued in just 24 hours

The site is in Spanish, English, German and French and actually functions very well…. Lets see how long it takes to crash the reservation system when it is announced 🙂

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