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The walk up to the camino viewpoint

Caminito del Rey - Mirador
Caminito del Rey – Mirador

As construction work on the Caminito del Rey is still ongoing, access to entrance is permanently closed. There is a fairly short but VERY steep walk that takes you up to a viewpoint where you can look across and down at the first train bridge and the start of the camino.

When you arrive in the village of El Chorro follow the road signposted for “Camping El Chorro” (As of now this campsite is closed for restoration works). Go past the campsite on your right and continue for half a kilometre more where you will find a fairly large car park. Leave the car and walk up the hill until you come to the no entry notice. (Image above). From here it is about 30 minutes to the top and the viewpoint.

Caminito del Rey - Mirador
Caminito del Rey – Mirador

The detour to the viewpoint is then easy to follow from this point but BE WARNED the path is very steep and uneven, It doesn’t seem to be maintained and to be honest you can get much better views of the train bridge and first part of the Camino del Rey from the road below. Park your car at the bar El Pilar and walk along the road for 100 metres and the truly spectacular Cqmino will come into view.

Caminito del Rey - Mirador
Caminito del Rey – Mirador at the top and the train bridge and new Camino bottom left.

Caminito del Rey – Exhibition of tools and equipment

Exhibition - Camino del Rey
Exhibition – Camino del Rey

There is quite a good exhibition running in the village of El Chorro covering the history of the Caminito del Rey, El Chorro and Guadalhorce reservoir constructions

The exhibition is located in “La Garganta” hotel and restaurant complex in the village of El Chorro, just 50 metres from the train station.

Exhibition - Camino del Rey
Exhibition – Camino del Rey, El Chorro

There is a large collection of old tools and implements and quite a few information boards detailing the various engineering projects in the area including the famous train line and tunnels that were used for the filming of Von Ryans Express. The only issue is that all the info boards are in Spanish language.

It’s well worth a visit as the hotel restaurant is also open to the general public and serves fine traditional foods at very reasonable prices. All in all a great and fascinating way to while away an afternoon.

Virtual 360 degree views of the Camino del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in the province of Málaga, Spain. The name is often shortened to Camino del Rey.

To get an idea of the dizzying heights and stunning views have a look at this very cool 360 degree virtual video.

Of course it hopefully won’t be as scary as it looks once the rebuilding work is finished and the path opens to the general public in early 2015