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Caminito del Rey in Lonely Planet top 10 places to visit list for 2015

The high profile publicity for the Caminito del Rey just keeps coming…. The Lonely Planet has this to say…

Fifteen years later, the route is reopening, allowing access again to one of Spain’s most spectacular walking trails. No longer the preserve of professional climbers and adrenaline-seekers, the damaged path has been fixed and reinforced, while a new handrail provides further support. The views however, continue to take your breath away.

However, I still have a few concerns about how the entry to the caminito will be organised… As of today,  there has been no official opening date and the website direction for “on line reservations” has not been announced. Latest rumors are that children under 10 years of age will not be allowed to walk the path and that helmets will be compulsory (however, there is no mention as yet if helmets will be supplied and included in the entry price)..

Hopefully we will have some news before the end of January..

Antonio Banderas visits the Caminito del Rey

I wondered when the favorite son of Malaga, Antonio Banderas would pay a visit to the Caminito del Rey. Accompanied by his new girldriend, Nicole Kimpel, some friends, the mayor of Malaga and the president of the Malaga diputation they walked some of the newly restored route and Antonio was obviously impressed by the work so far.

In the above photo from left to right, Francisco de la Torre, Elías Bendodo, Fran Oblaré, Jesús Fortes, Nicole Kimpel, Antonio Banderas and Carolina España, yesterday(19th december 2014) Caminito del Rey. / Photo Félix Lorenzo – Source

The president of the diputation also stated that the works were going to schedule and would be finished by February 2015… However the opening day depends on the availability of the King of Spain, Felipe VI and his obviously busy agenda. Felipe VI has been invited to host the opening as it was his great grandfather that inaugurated the Caminito del “rey” over 100 years ago.. The idea is nice but we’ll have to wait and see if the King actually has the time and the interest to be present.

Vuelta de España 2015 comes to El caminito del Rey

The major surprise last week at the presentation in Málaga for next years “Vuelta de España” was the announcement of a stage up to the Caminito del Rey from Alhaurin de la Torre (on day two).  So if you are planning to see this world famous cycling race then it’s probably best to book somewhere to stay in the area as soon as possible…. Some options for accommodation in the area can be found here. I really would suggest booking now or as soon as possible.

150 people in any one direction and maximum 1000 people a day on the Caminito del Rey

Ok, so news has just been released that a maximum of 1000 people per day will be able to walk the new and rebuilt Camino del Rey. 150 people can enter from each side making a maximum of 300 people on the walkway at any one time…. An online reservation system is being built as we speak but time will tell how this will work out. No mention is being made of the people that just turn up to walk the Kings Path that haven’t made an online reservation When this system is launched let’s hope that the people building it take into account the more than 50 percent of visitors who will not be Spanish speaking and who spend a great deal of their money, supporting the local economy…

The opening date for the Caminito del Rey has still not been announced but hopefully will be in late January or early February 2015

350,000 euros for adapting the pedestrian access to the Caminito del Rey

Málaga Provincial Council has now approved an investment of 350,000 euros for adapting the existing  pedestrian access to the  Caminito del Rey.  (An amount of money that seems quite unbelievable when one is talking about a couple of kilometres of footpath that actually already exist….)

The first access will start from the train station in El Chorro (where the interpretation centre will be housed and will connect to the trail on the El Chorro side of Gaitanes gorge and the Camino

The second Pedestrian access will start from the car park of the Ardales camping area by the Guadalhorce reservoir (close to El Mirador restaurant) and will pass through the small tunnel leading up to the reservoir mirador and Gaitanes footpath.

In the words of Malaga Vice President Francisco Oblaré. These actions will supplement an ambitious project that will be a major boost for tourism in the province in general and in particular the neighboring towns of Ardales, El Chorro and Alora.”