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Tickets for the Caminito del Rey in December? Yes or no?

UPDATE: 11/12/2021… All being well, the Caminito del Rey will re open on the 17th of December. Various guiding companies are taking bookings from that date onwards. (Tickets are not yet available on the official reservation online system) You can see avalable guiding companies here:

Finally, it seems there has been a solution to the conflict between the current company (Hermanos Campano-Bobastro 2000) and the new company (Sando, Salzillo Servicios Integrales and Mundo Management).

Earlier this spring the contract was awarded to Sando and co effectively evicting Hermanos Campano from running the Caminito del Rey. Hermanos Campano immediately started an appeal process in order to keep hold of the running of the Caminito del Rey, its Reception and Parking.

I have written previouslty about the terrible state of the parking and visitor centre that is all but abandoned so it comes as no surprise (to me at least) that the contract was awarded to a new company.

Sando was the construction company that rebuilt the famous walkway and even ran the site quite efficiently for the first few months after opening to the public. Now they have partnered with two other companies, one that specialise in paperwork etc and the other, Mundo Management, is a market leader in ticket management and concerts.

So, last week at the monthly Malaga city council meeting, the appeal by Hermanos Campo was rejected and the project was officially awarded to Sando and co. Just waiting, apparently, for the contracts to be signed!

So will the Caminito del Rey start selling tickets for December 2022?

Who knows to be honest, the official facebook page for the Camito del Rey has deleted all the posts and comments back to the 7th of November. The official twitter account is tweeting useless tweets of “advice” and not answering any questions especially about tickets for December. It all seems a bit cloak and dagger to be honest 🙂

One has to assume that after signing the contract there will have to be some time for transition to a new staff system etc or maybe they will keep on all existing staff for the time being and open the Caminito del Rey for the month of December. I am looking forward to seeing the visitor centre open and, I guess, this was one of the important factors in the project of Sando and co.

One thing is sure, as soon as I find out that tickets are available I will let you all know and publish it here and across my social networks….

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No tickets for the Caminito left online? No problem (hopefully)

So you have been to the official website to book your tickets for the Caminito del Rey and to your dismay the dates you want are full (agotado). No tickets for the Caminito left online?…..Not to worry as there are two other ways that you can get your ticket.

Get your Guide

If the reservation system is full and you don’t want to use the suggestions further down this page, have a look at these links for guided visits to the Caminito del Rey from Get Your Guide. This is an excellent option for larger groups.

Firstly, stay in a local hotel such as the Posada del Conde or the Garganta Complex. These are the two hotels nearest to the walk that can get the tickets for you. (When you make the booking, make sure that you add a message to say that you are specifically booking because you want to walk the Caminito del Rey.) If the hotels are full then other hotels found on can help as well such as the fantastic Hotel Magdalena closer to Antequera.

Secondly,  Just turn up and buy your ticket at the gate. (10 euros each and you can pay by card as well as cash). THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK BUT MANY PEOPLE HAVE COMMENTED THAT THEY WERE ALLOWED TO PAY AT THE GATE.

Latest comments are that there are just 50 tickets available at the gate and people are turning up to queue as early as 07:30 am!

Thirdly, If you are staying in malaga go to a train station and see if you can get the combined ticket…. Click here to read more about the combined ticket!

Remember that the entrance for the Caminito del Rey is at the reservoirs/kings chair/el kiosko side… The north entrance. Right now you cannot start the walk from the El Chorro (south) side…

This is because there are a percentage of tickets (6% of the 1100 people allowed in daily.) When you can enter depends on how many people turn up for each allocated time slot. The maximum amount of people that enter every half an hour is 60 people so if you are there to buy your ticket at 11am and there are only 45 people checking in then you will be allowed to go along with that group… If there are 60 people you will have to wait for the next group in 30 minutes time.

Speaking with the manager there she told me that very rarely do people have to wait for more than an hour and on this day she had sold 120 entries at the gate and the people went in almost straight away but, she did say…”Try to get here as early as possible for the morning entries and weekends or holidays can be more complicated sometimes meaning people get turned away”

Even if you do have to wait a while, it really isn’t a hardship to sit and admire tha amazing scenery at the entrance to the Caminito del Rey!

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Tickets for Caminito del Rey 2nd to 28th of November 2021

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the Caminito del Rey tickets will become available to buy on the online booking sysstem for the dates November 2nd to the 28th.

Be quick as tickets sell out really fast. Or, alternatively, take the hassle out of it and Get a Guided tour here:

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Caminito del rey tickets October 2021

The online booking system for the Caminito del Rey will start selling tickets at 12pm on Tuesday the 21st of September. Places available will be from the 5th of October to the 1st of November.

Be quick as places fill very quickly!

If you can’t get a ticket for the day you want then check out these alternative ideas.

Or take the hassle out of it and just go straight to the Get Your Guide website.

This is the screen shot of the online booking portal for the Caminito del Rey when it is overloaded with people trying to buy tickets… The message tells you where you are in the queue and also the warning “Do not close your browser or you will lose you place in the queue! The page will refresh untill the number reduces to zero and then will forward you to the booking portal.

Booking queue for the Caminito del Rey
Booking queue for the Caminito del Rey

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Take a trip on the Wildside! Discover the wildlife and nature of Spain, its Natural and National Parks and find the top wildlife, activity and walking holiday companies.