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Restaurant – Hotel la Garganta – El Chorro

Situated just 50 metres from the train station in El Chorro is the Restaurant – Hotel la Garganta – El Chorro Hotel Complex. Fantastic accommodation and a great place to stay if you are looking to spend a few days in the area.

The hotel can arrange your entry permit for the Caminito del Rey so long as you stay there at least 1 night… MAKE SURE WHEN YOU MAKE THE HOTEL BOOKING YOU STATE THIS IN THE OPTIONAL MESSAGE AND SEND THEM THE PASSPORT DETAILS OF EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP.

However if you are just passing through then this is also a wonderful place to stop for lunch after you have walked the Caminito del Rey or (if you have no head for heights 🙂 ) just admired it’s beauty.

The Restaurant serves a wide and varied cuisine using high quality local products and is set on the ground floor of the complex. It features a cozy country-style lounge and a truly spectacular terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding stunning scenery .

Complejo Turístico Rural La Garganta
Restaurant – Hotel la Garganta – El Chorro Hotel Complex.

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350,000 euros for adapting the pedestrian access to the Caminito del Rey

Málaga Provincial Council has now approved an investment of 350,000 euros for adapting the existing  pedestrian access to the  Caminito del Rey.  (An amount of money that seems quite unbelievable when one is talking about a couple of kilometres of footpath that actually already exist….)

The first access will start from the train station in El Chorro (where the interpretation centre will be housed and will connect to the trail on the El Chorro side of Gaitanes gorge and the Camino

The second Pedestrian access will start from the car park of the Ardales camping area by the Guadalhorce reservoir (close to El Mirador restaurant) and will pass through the small tunnel leading up to the reservoir mirador and Gaitanes footpath.

In the words of Malaga Vice President Francisco Oblaré. These actions will supplement an ambitious project that will be a major boost for tourism in the province in general and in particular the neighboring towns of Ardales, El Chorro and Alora.” 

Restaurant “El Mirador” – Guadalhorce reservoir

Restaurante el Mirador, Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir
Restaurante el Mirador, Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir

The setting for this restaurant “El Mirador” is, quite frankly, spectacular. Right beside the lake but elevated to give panoramic views of the Guadalhorce reservoir and surrounding countryside.  This restaurant is easy to find set above the road tunnel on the A444 just 3 kilometres from the Guadalhorce dam.

It’s also very convenient if you are going up the  mirador- viewpoint or walking the Gaitanejo footpath that starts very close to this restaurant.

Food here is of quite a high quality, the staff are very friendly and prices are reasonable.  An excellent selection of salads, seafood and meat dishes. All in all another great place to eat in the area around El Chorro and the Guadalhorce lakes…

Bar La Ermita – El Chorro

Bar la Ermita - El Chorro
Bar la Ermita – El Chorro

Jose, the owner of Bar La Ermita is, quite frankly, a really nice guy. He is also the person to talk to if you are interested in climbing in the area as this is also the local base for the “Peña de Escaladores” – The local climbing club. if you need to ask questions about climbing then this is the place to stop off for a beer and a tapas or three…

On weekends and holidays there is a barbecue going and the meats that come off it are delicious. Usual “venta” food which is good quality and not expensive.

Jose also has accommodation to rent (ask him for dates available but at 13 euros per night per person you can’t really go wrong.) and during the months from May to September the swimming pool is also open. Although not a lot of English spoken here, Jose has his trusty (and well thumbed) dictionary at hand and is very happy to help people out during their visit to the Camino del Rey and surrounding areas.

Located on the MA444 Just a couple of Kilometers from the village of El Chorro on the way towards the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir

Contact him by telephone 615 014 391