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120,000 tickets available for the Caminito del Rey.

Tickets are now available for the period October 2018 to March 2019 but move fast as you can be sure that they will get booked up pretty quickly. Last year over 300,000 people visited and it is expected that next year will be the same.

If you can’t get the tickets for the dates you want then consider a guided tour or just turning up at the gate but don’t forget that many people get turned away using that option….

I still maintain that to really enjoy the walk and the area then stay in one of the local hotels such as the Magdalena, Garganta or Posada del Conde (Thats what I always do!)…

Reservations for Caminito del Rey now available up to end of May 2018

The official portal for reserving a walk along the Caminito del Rey has opened up the booking system to the end of May 2018… For details on how to make a reservation click here…

If you cant get the date you want try this……No tickets? No Problem!

There will be around 100,000 tickets available and with December and January pretty much full,This next booking period is for February, March, April and May2018.

Caminito del Rey Websites (where do you book a ticket?)

I am getting a lot of emails from confused people that they can’t “find” where to reserve their tickets on the “official” website for the Caminito del Rey. This also confused me at first untill I looked up the .com and .es websites and who owns them.

First, lets make things really clear. THERE IS ONLY ONE WEBSITE (THE OFFICIAL ONE) WHERE YOU CAN RESERVE YOUR TICKETS) and that is is privately owned and has nothing to do with the official website. Same for .es so if you accidentally go to the .com or the .es and get confused it’s not your fault. They are deliberately misleading.

This (my) website is also privately owned by me and yes, I earn money when you click an ad or reserve a hotel via this site but it is designed to help people having difficulty with the official website with in depth instructions and up to date information about the area. There is a big difference between this website and the other two unoficial ones.

The website is simply taking advantage of peoples unawareness and is designed that you contact them so that they can “arrange” the visit and your hotel/restaurant for you. It is annoying as especially a lot of the info on the site is copied and pasted from the official website and is outdated to the point of being useless. An example is that the site still says you can access the caminito by both entrances and this is simply not the case.


For anyone interested, you can find out info, like who owns and runs a domain by using a whois search… I use this one

Info on getting your tickest on this website is here…

Steve Barham (The rambling man) writes about the Caminito del Rey

If anyone still needs a reason to visit and walk the Caminito del Rey then over at the Rambling Mans website there you have it. An excellent in depth article, with lots of pictures, about the experience of a visit to the Caminito del Rey – Well worth a read. Thanks Steve 🙂

The old path, what’s left of it, has been retained and is just below the new walkway of wooden boarding on a galvanised steel framework anchored securely to the cliff face and with reassuringly sturdy cable and steel post railings.At the southern end a new steel suspension bridge with a metal mesh floor and another section with a thick glass floor allow an uninterupted view to the river below.

Read the entire article here…

Walking the Caminito del Rey – Sat 11th April 2015

Sign to the Caminito start point
Sign to the Caminito start point

With the Caminito del Rey closed due to bad weather conditions just two days before the date I had my permit I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to walk the famous (infamous) and newly restored footpath through the Gaitanejo gorge. It was pouring with rain in Grazalema but I set off anyway in the hope that the weather would change in my favor. (And it did 🙂 )

My permission was to enter from the Ardales side (where the reservoirs are) at 12pm, so I headed for there and parked up by the Kiosko Bar/restaurant and still had time for breakfast. Instructions are to be at the checkpoint 30 minutes before your allotted time and It took me 20 minutes to get there at 11:15 via the signposted footpath that goes through the tunnel to the right of Kiosko bar.

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