Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)

Instructions – How to make your reservation for the Caminito del Rey



Please click the above link to get updated instructions about tickets for the Caminito del Rey

Although the official website for booking a walk on the Caminito del Rey is in four languages (Spanish, English, German and French), the actual booking system is in Spanish. That said, the booking system is fairly easy to navigate. (though not without some annoying issues – See note at the bottom of these instructions.)

If there are no availabilities for the day you want then an alternative is to stay at the hotel Posada del Conde and the staff there can arrange a permit for you for any day apart from Monday.

  1. Go to (This is the English language page.)
  2. At the top left click on “Book your visit”
  3. In the new page select the date that you would like the permit for. (use the buttons to navigate through the calendar) –  The red dates are days where there are no spaces left. Green dates have spaces available.
  4. Once the date is selected on the right hand side select which entry point you want. (Ardales is from the lake side and finishes at El Chorro and Alora is from El Chorro side and finishes at the lakes. From El Chorro the walk is more uphill and takes a bit longer, about 5 hours)
  5. Select the hour you want to enter the Camino del Rey
  6. Fill in the identification details in the form that appears (The ones marked with an asterisk are obligatory). Select from the drop down, passport or DNI. (some people are having trouble with this. I put my British passport number in the DNI box without a problem
  7. Say how many people that are going with you and fill out the details of those people. (You will need their passport details as well.
  8.  Tick the box to say you accept the rules – “Normas Reguladoras de Uso”
  9. Click on the “Reservar” and you are done… You will receive an email with all the details in a PDF document. Check your spam box if you don’t get an email)
  10. IMPORTANT – make sure you print the document and take it with you and also the passport/identification you used for you and any other people (You will be asked for this before you enter)

Note: Try to get all your info right the first time. Sometimes when the page refreshes and you have got something wrong, the information you previously put is lost and you have to start again.

TIP: You can walk back to the place you started from as long as you don’t pass the checkpoint at the other end. (I have walked from the Ardales side as far as the suspension bridge and then back again without problem and it took me 4 hours.)

There are also shuttle buses available – The shuttle buses start at 12:30pm  from each end of the Caminito del Rey and the last bus is at 20:30pm. The buses run every half hour during these times. The cost is under 2 Euros to get you back to the your start point

IMPORTANT! Remember that you have to be at the start point 30 minutes before your allotted time and from either end it takes around 30 minutes to get to the start point. Allow plenty of time to park your car and get to the start checkpoint to show your entry permit.


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  1. Hi Clive!

    Otra pregunta para usted!
    In March 2015 you wrote, I quote:
    “You can walk back to the place you started from as long as you don’t pass the checkpoint at the other end. (I have walked from the Ardales side as far as the suspension bridge and then back again without problem and it took me 4 hours.)”

    Is this still valid in May 2016?
    Per Eggert

  2. The new booking site has four calendar options. The too 2 are last minute (ultima hora). Click on the right hand top calendar and you should see last minute options for the current and next two days. It is no longer necessary to take your passport. All starts are from Ardales end. So either park at El Chorro by the station and get the bus to the start, or park at the Mirador or down by El Kiosko at the Ardales end and then you are close to the start but need to get the bus back. Your on line tickets are Euros 11.50 per person including the bus trip. They are quite strict about numbers on the pathway so do get there in good time. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk from. The Mirador. The bus from El Chorro takes 20 minutes and is often a bit late leaving as so many people are boarding. The buses seem to be going on the hour at the moment. You are not supposed to use selfie sticks but unfortunately a lot of people do. It’s a narrow walkway and its a pain to constantly wait whilst selfie stardom takes over from the beauty of the environment.

  3. Hi,
    We’re going in June of El Caminito del Rey. El Chorro train to arrive. We want to know whether El Corro is starting to go on the route to the north or north / south? If you go to the north side when he comes to start the first bus after 10:50 El Chorro?

    1. Hi Zoltán,
      The start point is the other end from El Chorro at the reservoirs/kings chair/elkisko restaraunt side. It depends what time your permit is for if you can get a bus to the start point?

  4. Greetings,
    In June I will go to the Caminito del Rey. I would like to know the direction of El Chorro is also possible to go over or just north / south direction?

    thanks to Zoltan

  5. Hi Clive,
    hopefully my last questions.
    When you start the walk from the north side (Ardales), there are two restaurants that you can choose to park your car at, namely El Kiosko, and EL Mirador. Which of these is the closest to the entrance to the tunnel, which I understand is the shortest way to get through to the ticket check (about 20 min. walking)??
    Return to the north side is done by bus. Where is the last stop?
    Is it at El Mirador or El Kiosko?

    1. Hi Per, those two bars are only a few hundred metres apart so it doesn’t really matter time wise where you park…

  6. Clive,
    ok I will do what you suggested.
    When I’ll be back home after my visit in Spain, I’ll give you my views about the trip a s o. My start is on the 18th of May at 12.00 hours. Thats my 71 anniversity which I selebrate by walking “El Caminito del Rey” with three friends of mine.
    Saludos amigo!
    El sueco Per

  7. Hi Clive,
    I’ve got one more question for you:
    Where can I find a good map over the “El Caminito del Rey”?
    I’ve been searching on the website, but those I’ve found is not very good and not so detailed. Hope you can give me a hint!
    Perhaps I can buy one at the entrance on the north side, where I’ve to start my walk?

    Per from Sweden

    1. Hi Per, maps are quite hard to come by here still, especially up to date acurate ones…. Why not download google earth to your computer, find the area caminito del rey and print off the topo map?

  8. Hi Clive
    Please can you point me in the right direction for information for public transport from Fuengrola to the starting point of the Caminto del Ray? Do you know how long the journey takes?
    Thank you so much,
    Warm regards

    1. Hi Susan, I would suggest you pop in to the Fuengirola bus station as I heard that some companies were adding extra transport lines to get people from the coast up to the Caminito del Rey.

  9. 1. Para visitar el Caminito del Rey será requisito obligatorio estar en posesión de la correspondiente entrada, que incluirá el día y la hora de la visita, además ésta es necesaria para poder salir del mismo. El acceso siempre será, salvo autorización, por la zona norte (por Ardales) al objeto de que el visitante siempre lo haga en descenso.

    Does it mean that you are only allowed to enter walk from one direction Ardales in the north?
    Can’nt you choose the direction fram El Churro?

    Regards Per

    1. Hi Per… You are correct, foot traffic is one way from the Guadalhorce lake side and finishes at El Chorro where you will get a bus back to your starting point. (Every half hour or so)

  10. Hi, I would like to book four tickets for the caminito de rey for week starting 25 April 2016 but I’m unable to get booked on the official website. What I’m I doing wrong?


    1. Hi Gillian, you aren’t doing anything wrong. The booking portal is supposed to reopen today but I expect that there are some techies scracthing their heads right now with some teething issues. The portal should remain pretty much the same apart from the payment gateway that they will have to add so that people can buy the tickest instead of getting them for free.

      1. Hi Clive
        I believe the cost will now be €10 ……. my question is can we pay on-line with English debit card ?

  11. Hello Clive,
    first of all, very informative website, thanks a lot!
    We are planning a trip to Andalucia in April and would really love to do the Caminito del Rey, therefore I am waiting to book hotels until I know if we actually can get tickets.
    Since it is apparently being privatized and will cost entry from April 1st there is no info or calendar on the official website.

    Do you have any idea where and when tickets from April 1st on can be bought?
    Thanks for any input or info. Janina

    1. Hi Janina, like you I am waiting for this news and will post it here and on the facebook page as soon as I find out. Follow the facebook if you use it here…

      Thanks for the kind comment about this website. It seems many people are relying on it for better up to date information as the official website is lacking in a lot of English language articles about the Caminito del Rey

      As you will be in the area my other websites might be of interest to you for your trip planning.. (Walking holidays in the Sierra de Grazalema) (Tourist info for the town of Ronda in Andalucia) (Everything you need to know about Grazalema)

  12. Hi! I see that you know a few things about the booking system to caminito del rey..Maybe you can help me.. We are a family of eight people who plan on going on the 2 nd of january,, I emailed the caminito website earlier to check when they put out new tickets for january,and got the answer december… So i checked daily,and saw the other day that available tickets were online. Then the problem starts,because you can only book for 5 people at the time.. So we booked for the first 4,and were supposed to book for the rest of the family,but then it was full already,on the same day the tickets were put out.. I have tried to email the website,but get the answer that i have to book tickets on their website..but that is not possible when it s full. Do you have any suggestions? I tried to explain that we wanted to go as a family,but impossible to book tickets when only 5 tickets could be booked at one time. So now we have 4 tickets for the half of the family.. Glad for any suggestions,exept for eating at the local restaurant,i know that is an option to get tickets,but i dont think that is fair.
    Best regards
    Cecilie from Norway

    1. I have been trying to book tickets for March since January.
      The website shows booking available for the following 8 weeks but curiously it is always fully booked.
      I contacted the official website . They told me it is fully booked for March.
      So if March was not available to book on the official website, how can it be fully booked.
      There is obviously another method of booking.

      I have read online that most of the tickets that are allocated daily are given to nearby Hotels and Restaurants. It seems that they specify that if you stay with them or spend a minimum amount in the restaurant that you will be allocated a ticket.
      Bearing in mind that in theory these tickets are free, what the hell is going on !

      It seems a shame that such a wonderful amenity is yet again being abused so people can make a quick buck or euro.

      I would be happy to pay for my ticket to stop this sort of shit. xx

  13. I would like to book a ticket in 2016, is that possible? Because I can only see december 2015 on the calendar…

    1. Hello!
      the tickets for january were put out earlier this week,you should hurry and book,they disappear quickly!

  14. Hallo,
    Ik had graag tickets voor caminito del rey,tussen 7/11/15 en 12/11/15,maar kan niet boeken via de site.Is er een andere mogelijkheid?

    1. Hi Joe, you should have received an email from the caminito del rey with your permit attached…. Why not reply to that email?

      1. I didn’t apply for a ticket Clive, I will be in Malaga from 1st November for 5 days and no spaces available . I was looking for one around the 4th, I have sent email to ask if there is any to keep me posted

        1. Ahhhh, I read your question that you had a permit for the Caminito del Rey and wanted to cancel it… As far as I know there is no system like the one you are thinking of… Its hard enough to get them to reply to an email let alone put you on a reserve list for cancellations… Your only option is to stay in a local hotel or eat in a restaurant. Details of which you will find on this website…

  15. Hi Clive

    The system is now open for October and we managed to make a reservation with any problems. We wanted to go from the Ardales end as we are in our mid 50’s and thought it would be easier. I understand that bookings for Oct are now only going from Ardales and you can only walk one way. My question please is do you have any idea how we can get from Alora to the start at the Ardales side when we have booked for the 10.00 start. We do not have a car – thanks

    1. Hi, that sounds a bit difficult…. Bus timetables from Alora to El Chorro are here… – But, even though you can get to El Chorro by 7:50 you still need to get from El Chorro to the kiosko/kings chair side…. Maybe book a taxi from Alora??? With the Caminito only open ffrom the Ardales side it does make things a bit complicated for people without their own transport…

  16. Hi Clive,
    I have just returned from Andalucia where I managed to hike El Caminito. The only real way to book your place is through one of the hotels in El Chorro or maybe some of the restaurants. They require at least 3 days to make the booking. Using the website just shows that everything is full 3 months in advance.
    As for the actual Caminito, it has been well made and i think they have the numbers more or less right. I didn’t feel it to overcrowded, though the large occasional group going through made for minor spurts of overtaking. They have left the old path in places and its great to compare what it must have been like to walk it prior to the upgrade. Having done THE world’s most dangerous hike in China on the slopes of Hua Shan, i can assure all hikers that El Caminito once deserved that accolade but know it’s a pleasant hike through a dramatic canyon. It would be nice to see more ‘climbers’ at work on some of the slabs near the suspension bridge.
    So despite the suspicious racket surrounding the booking, the unfinished parking and general messy amenities at El Chorro, I would recommend this hike.

  17. Dates for October November and December are now on the website. Only from the north end, and not weekends.
    Unfortunately it’s too late for me. I’ve already booked my flight home from a walking holiday.

  18. Hi Clive,
    Any idea if it is true that eating at Los cabellos will guarantee us tickets? We’re driving towards Barcelona and will make the stop if that is legitimate,

    1. Well, legitimate or not, they are advertising this on their website…. … I for one do not agree with this but it is the way it is…. Right now the official system for reservations on the Caminito del Rey is closed for the months of October, November and December and we are almost halfway through September….. The only way to get a “free” permit is to stay in a local hotel or eat in a local restaurant….. A sad state of affairs really….

  19. I have just read the information which says local hotels can arrange permits – this would appear to be an abuse of the system and I am going to complain directly to Malaga council. Corruption again!!!! I just can´t afford to go and stay in a hotel to go on a free walk – outrageous!!!

    1. You could also eat at the Los Caballos restaurant in Alora. Their website shows 10 euros per person for lunch or dinner and the price includes and entry permit for the Caminito del Rey… It also says on their website that you must eat in the restaurant on the same day that you walk the camino…..

  20. We were extremely fortunate to go on this walk in May after a lot of persistence with the website. It looked as if it was fully booked but then 2 days appeared with just a few available spaces – I assumed that these were cancellations so hoped that others might have appeared to help friends and visitors wanting to do the walk. I enquired and was told that there are no waiting lists. I am now wondering if the facility for showing availability following cancellations has been withdrawn? I would urge people not able to take up appointments to follow the simple procedures for cancelling. I suspect that many just can´t be bothered as they haven´t paid. I think that some form of sanction should be applied to those who fail to give a valid reason within a time frame of say seven days.

  21. Sept booking just came up on computer. FULLY BOOKED.
    900 people a day == 27000 booked before it shows up on computer. HOW???

    1. Not sure what you are asking? The booking system at the official website hasn’t, as yet, opened up the reservation systen for the Caminito del Rey for the months of October, November or December… The Caminito website allows 700 permits each day when it does… The other 200 permits are given by the local councils of Alora and Ardales (100 each). September is full because when the reservations for July, August and September opened (in June) the demand was so great all permissions were pretty much full in a matter of days….

        1. The email address for the official website and Malaga council is – Have a google for ayuntamiento de Alora and Ayuntamiento de Ardales for contacting the two councils that also have control over the Caminito del Rey

  22. I booked some tickets for family next week but i have just found out that they are not going to make it. Do you know if i need to cancel the tickets?

    1. Hi Stewart, there is a contact form at the official website… I would just drop them a message with the details of the people who are cancelling… Don’t expect a reply as many are complaining (both Spanish and foreigners) that it is difficult to contact the people running the caminito… The tickets are non transferable so you can’t give them to someone else to use. (found that out last week when someone tried to use 2 tickets of friends at the gates and the lady on the gate wouldn’t/couldn’t transfer the permits to different people so turned them away)…

  23. Hi!
    Do you know when it will be possible to get tickets for carminito del rey if we would like to go next year? Between april and june:)

    1. Hi Janne, I am afraid we are all playing a waiting game untill the Malaga town council announces who will be running the Caminito del Rey from October this year.

  24. Hello,

    can anybody hook me up with a ticket or tell me how to get one through hotel eg.?

    I would like to walk Caminito on any of days 20/07 – 25/07.


  25. Hi Clive!
    On your recommendation I have booked us in for two nights at la posada del Conde. Is there any way to make sure we can get tickets to the Camino as it’s this Friday/Saturday when we are staying and I’m afraid tickets will be selling like hot cakes!!!
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Camila, I am sure you will enjoy your stay and have a great time on the Caminito.
      To arrange your permit just email the hotel via with your name and passport numbers of everybody going. Thats the best way as they will have your booking details….. Just to be on the safe side send a copy with the same info to the hotel email as well (

      1. hi Clive. Thanks so much for writing back! I took your advice and wrote to them yesterday, but I have not heard back, unfortunately 🙁
        We are on our way to Malaga and then Ardales now, so fingers crossed by the time we get there they still have permits. Or I’ll be quite sad!

        1. Let me know how you get on! I am staying there on the 3rd of July and will be annoyed if they didnt get the permit for you as they have told me many times that they can do this without a problem….

  26. Intrigued to find the “system” that has now evolved if you turn up on the day (it was suggested to me it might be worth trying in case people had not turned up)) . Despite online tickets all booked up, you are advised to go to a nearby restaurant & “eat” there, whereby you can get a ticket. Alternatively, contact a guiding company & they can do you the same day. So – what quota do the restaurant & guiders get?

    1. Thanks for your comment Cazza. I Have written to the Malaga council to clarify this. I know that some local hotels and a couple of guiding companies can arrange permits but the restaurants is news to me. If this is correct then it makes a mockery of the online booking system. I’ll let you know when I get an answer. By the way, did you actually get a permit after eating at one of the local bars?

      1. Here is the reply from Malaga council and the people in charge of the online booking system

        Good morning
        We inform you that we are only concerned about the online reservation system. El Caminito del Rey is FULLY BOOKED until September (included). There are no more available tickets to be booked ONLINE. We know that some local tourist companies and public institutions such as Ayuntamiento de Álora and Ayuntamiento de Ardales are allowed to have some tickets a day but we cannot confirm you the exact number.
        Thank you for getting in contact with the Caminito del Rey Visitor Service of Diputación Provincial de Málaga.

        1. So I replied with another question………….
          Thank you for your reply,
          Could you please tell me exactly how many permits the online system is available to give each day? I was under the impression that it was 500 people per day, is this correct? If this is so, and the maximum tickets have been taken, how can local businesses provide more permits over and above the 500 people allowed on the Caminito each day
          And, this is the answer….

          Good morning,
          In these 500 tickets a day are included the ones for local businesses.
          Thank you for getting in contact with the Caminito del Rey Visitor Service of Diputación Provincial de Málaga.

          Something definitely smells fishy and it’s really hard to get clear and concise answers….

  27. We are hoping to visit the Kings Path, and have been trying to book, the web site just throws yoiu out, is anyone else experiencing this problem. How to we get to book if the site is not working ?? Any help please from anyone. We are in Furengirola from 29th April till May 20th.

    regards Carole and Ernie

    1. Hi, The site seems to be working fine but remember that there are very few places left during the weekdays until the end of September and ALL weekends are now fully booked up to the end of September…. April and May are totally full… The only solution to this is to book a night in a local hotel as they have told me that they can arrange entry permits for guests that stay at their hotel – Details are here

  28. Hi. I have already reserved and received confirmation email. But it make my confuse. Because the confirmation document only my name and passport no, but did not show my friend information. It is normal? How can I check the reservation detail. Actually, I try on website, but not successful. Would you give me some suggestion.

    1. The email you got should have had two pdf documents. One for you and one for your friend… If you didnt get two permits then you didnt fill out the details for the second person maybe?… Go to the website again and get a permit for the same day and time for your friend…

      1. Oooooo no
        I reserved on the date at 6-may.
        Actually, I did booking on end of March. Now booking is full. How can I do?

  29. I have never seen a moor crap system in my life to find its closed on mondays l have waited10 years to get on the walkway next time l will go through the rail tunnell get it right

    1. Dave. And “I” have never seen such a “crap” comment on my website before… You get it right… Go to the official website and just make a reservation like I and 50,000 other people have already done… Your lack of patience and education astounds me. If you have waited 10 years then a few more days or weeks don’t mean much… You can’t spell or express yourself properly so I guess it’s obvious to everybody why you can’t get a permit… Sure, go through the tunnels (you can’t get on the Caminito that way anyway) and pay the 6000 euro trespass fine when you get caught.

  30. Hello, i’m trying to book myself and 2 friends (we are not Spanish, but from EU countries) for september. We do not have passports, only ID’s. however, dialoge box does not recognize or ID nubers, when i enter them under DNI document type. Not sure what to do. Anyone else has had the same problem? Thanks in advance!!! Lina

    1. Hi Lina, you need to select “pasaporte” NOT dni from the drop down menu where its says “documento”. You will need passport details of yourself and your friends… remember to take your passports and permission (that you get by email) with you on the day… You won’t get in without them…

      But you don’t have passports? In that case write in English to the email on the website and tell them about the situation… It sounds like another selection needs to be added to the dropdown box…. Try putting your DNI in the passport dropdown…

  31. How far in advance can you book. Looks like it is 60 days, but is this a sliding window or do both months open at the same time. So booking for June/July might both begin on May 1 for example.

    Can’t find any proper information around this and would like to know when to check back for July bookings.

    1. I have just spoken on the phone to the people running the reservation website… they say that the reservation system will open again today Friday 10th of April for booking the path in Jul, August and September… Keep checking the booking website because there will be another rush as soon as it opens.

  32. Hello. Just tried to book for the beginning of May and both April and May are completely red on the website. Does that mean that everything is completely booked for both months? Should I try again later on this week? Do you think the status will be updated or that’s the final situation? If yes, is there another way to book?


    1. Yes, the red means that there are no places left and these months are fully booked…. The website has registered 26,000 reservations in just a few weeks…. I suppose that soon June and July will be available on the booking calendar over at

      1. thanks for your answer. what would be the possibility to get in if i just go there in the morning. it’s only me, so maybe someone doesn’t show up and I can get in?!?

        1. Hi Madalina… I think that you won’t get in. It is very clear on the website that you have to reserve by the online system…… With all the hype and news about the Caminito del Rey opening the reservations will fill up very quickly as the system opens up each months bookings… As far as I am aware you can only book 60 days in advance which is why only April and May are showing on the booking calendar…

  33. My husband and myself are traveling from Ireland to Malaga to walk the Caminito del rey we can walk either the 31st of March or 1st or 2nd of April. Is this the correct place to book it. If so could you book is for one of those days. Muchas gratias Doreen

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