Caminito del Rey website hacked

More teething problems for the Caminito del Rey reservation system

So the people in control of the Caminito del Rey have put the blame on computer hackers for a website error which resulted in too many people turning up to walk the Caminito del Rey on Wednesday 1st of April. I think it’s very easy to say this but as there is no proof it would appear more likely that it’s just a system error.

Entrance permits are supposed to be restricted to 600 a day with 50 people  starting the walk at half hour intervals but on Wednesday 1st April over 300 people turned up to enter at 10am and they all had official and correct permits printed off from the online booking system. It took a while to sort it out as there weren’t enough safety helmets for that many people but in the end everybody who had a ticket walked the new Caminito del Rey.

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