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Poetry about the Caminito del Rey

Here is some poetry about the Caminito del Rey that someone sent me from the perspective of a person who is afraid of heights but still enjoyed the walk on the Caminito del Rey!”

Trembling with fear, I took the first step.
Along the pathway, once deemed so steep.
King’s Little Pathway, Caminito del Rey.
A marvel of engineering, that much was clear

I looked down, and my heart skipped a beat.
The river far below, seemed to compete.
With my nerves, and my courage so low.
But still, I walked, and I wouldn’t let go

The renovations made it safer, no doubt.
But the view, oh the view, it made me shout.
In awe and wonder, at the beauty so rare.
Of the Gaitanes Gorge, a sight beyond compare

I clutched the rail, with every step I took.
But with each one, I felt a little less shook.
The thrill of adventure, and the fear of height.
Filled me with a mix of emotions, both so bright

And as I reached the end, I felt so proud.
Of myself, for not giving in to my fears, and to bow.
To the beauty that I saw, with my own two eyes:
And the Caminito del Rey, I’d recommend to all, such a prize!

have you written any poetry about the Caminito del Rey. Please feel free to share in the comments!

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