Caminito del Rey, El Chorro

The Caminito del Rey will open Easter (29th March to 6th April ) 2015

A big announcement today from the Malaga town hall with very little real and solid information. Sigh!  The most important news is as follows…

  • The Caminito del Rey will open for Easter 2015 which this year falls from the 29th March to the 6th April
  • The town hall of Malaga will be in charge of granting access to visitors for the first few months.
  • The use of safety helmets will be required but there is no news as to who will supply these helmets.
  • To enter the path you will have to reserve online at the official website (Direction of website to be announced at a later date).
  • Children under 10 years will not be allowed to enter.
  • Entry to the Caminito del Rey will be free of charge for the first “few” months.
  • For these first “few months” the Caminito del Rey will be open every day of the week except Monday.
  • There is no mention about the king of Spain attending the opening.

I actually prefer the “no news is good news” theory as this latest announcement has raised more questions than answers….  For example, this Easter holiday has two Mondays in it. Will the Camino del Rey be open for these days? 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Caminito del Rey will open Easter (29th March to 6th April ) 2015”

  1. Registration ON LINE? Even I pay? Where? WHWRE?
    I’m waiting and waiting and …. and I must get there! Where to leave car, where is starting point, do I need to go over dridge with speeding tram? Excitement even with new path!

    1. Actually, I don’t know… I have 2 kids of 5 and 6 that could easily walk the Caminito del Rey once it is re opened…. Maybe it is something to do with insurance of people walking the path? The diputación of Malaga have to take responsibility “legally” for people they give permission to enter so therefore they are responsible for any accidents that may occur. That’s the only thing I can think of until we get the proper announcement this month for the opening date and rules…

  2. Great News. Thanks for letting us know. Keep us informed when Malaga Ayuntamiento set up their ticketing web site 🙂

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