Caminito del Rey, El Chorro

The maximum price of admission to the Caminito del Rey will be 10 euros with a maximum of 300,000 visitors a year

The governing body of the Council of Malaga has approved the contract documents and economic conditions for the new management of the Caminito del Rey. The date when this will start is April 1 2016 and the company that wins the contract will run the Caminito for four years. This means that as from April the 1st the Malaga council will hand over all resposibility for the management of the pathway day to day running, conservation, repairs, safety and surveillance.

The president of the council of Malaga, Elijah Bendodo announced this ​​at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) that is, this week, being held in Madrid and he stated that this is a unanimous agreement by the members of the monitoring committee of the Caminito del Rey and the municipalities of Alora and Ardales He added that this decision is to “Exploit the Caminito del Rey as a major tourist resort and that the first year of operation has served to announce the pathway to the world with free access. Now begins a new stage of national and international promotion through experts and specialized companies.” Bendodo also said that the “Caminito del Rey is now an international brand and thanked the commitment of the municipalities of Alora, Ardales, Antequera and Valle de Abdalajís for helping to make the project a reality for all to enjoy.”

Ticket prices
In this new management model the entry to the Caminito del Rey will no longer be free and a maximum price of 8.26 euros plus VAT at 21% will make the final price around 10 euros. The contracted company also has a limit of visitors set at 300,000 people per year with a maximum of 1,100 people a day in order to preserve the important natural area. The Caminito will be open from Tuesday to Sunday (Mondays closed) except for 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January (unless weather conditions prevent the visit.)

Contract Costs
The company that wins the contract will have to pay a minimum fee of 75,000 euros a year to the Council of Malaga who will invest that back into the ifrastructure of the local area. A minimum of nine percent of the revenue from ticket saies must be used to help pay for the maintenance of the Caminito. The companies that are being invited or wish to run the Caminito must have an annual turnover of 750,000 euros and the technical competence to run and maintain the walkway.

Proper use of the facilities
The contract also obliges the company that wins the bid to preserve and maintain the facility in perfect working order and they will be responsible for both major and minor repairs and anything else in order to maintain the facility in perfect working condition and operation.

Personnel management and conservation
There is also a minimum personnel clause in the contract. There must be security, 24 hour surveillance every day of the year, sales team, walkway monitors, cleaners plus specialized workers in maintenance, a mountaineer/qualified climber and a laboror, who will be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in good condition.

300,000 times 10 sounds a lot of cash but the expenses for this project must be huge… Just think how much the public liability insurance will cost let alone staff wages, taxes and maintenance… Best of luck to whoever wins the contract 🙂

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