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The website to reserve a walk on the Caminito del Rey

There has been quite a drastic change to the official website for the Caminito del Rey and there us finally a link to the online booking system (Ok, so it directs you to a  “page being built” notice but at least we have the correct web address now…. THE LINK ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE WAS ACTIVATED AT 12PM ON TUESDAY 24TH FEB BUT UNFORTUNATELY THE WHOLE WEBSITE CRASHED. IT IS BACK ONLINE ANDTHE RESERVATION SYSTEM IS NOW WORKING.

10,000 permits have been issued in just 24 hours

The site is in Spanish, English, German and French and actually functions very well…. Lets see how long it takes to crash the reservation system when it is announced 🙂

Check out

7 thoughts on “The website to reserve a walk on the Caminito del Rey”

  1. How can a group of walkers from Alicante, book the walk and reserve a hotel, with such a short windows of reservation time???? We are on the 16 th of Jannuary and March is not yet available….!!!! We wanted to go on the 6th of April……

    1. Hi Alex
      The best way to get a booking is to stay in a local hotel and they will arrange a permit for you… I like the Posada del Conde from where you can take the walk there and back via the kings chair area or the Kiosko bar… Parking is not a problem on this side of the walk. have a look at the hotel…

      Remember that the walkway is permit system will probably have changed by April, with a charge to enter.

      If you can’t get on the walkway for the dates you need but are still in the area, I would be happy to arrange something for you over here in Grazalema. My walking holidays can be found at
      Best of luck

      1. Thank you for your reply, however we will only book a hotel after securing an Entry Reservation, we will have to travel well over 1000 kms + 2 nights @ a hotel, if we were to miss out on the walk, would not be a very nice experience, we are walkers and it is imperative to be able to reserve the entry before organizing hotel and travel.
        I welcome a charge which should be Non Refundable, to stop local hotels / travel company making mass booking just in case they have customers…..!!! Beside it is the 19 th of Jannuary and March bookings are not yet available on internet…

  2. Why can you only book to the end of May currently? I want to book the walk in September but cannot yet. Does anyone know when it will be open to bookings past May?

    1. Hi Jack, unfortunately as of now you can only reserve 60 days in advance. This is how the web page for the Caminito is set up anyway. I think it is a bit silly but have no control over how the Malaga council operate the system….

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