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No tickets for the Caminito left online? No problem (hopefully)

So you have been to the official website to book your tickets for the Caminito del Rey and to your dismay the dates you want are full (agotado). Not to worry as there are two other ways that you can get your ticket.

Firstly, stay in a local hotel such as the Posada del Conde or the Garganta Complex. These are the two hotels nearest to the walk that can get the tickets for you. (When you make the booking, make sure that you add a message to say that you are specifically booking because you want to walk the Caminito del Rey.) If the hotels are full then other hotels found on can help as well such as the fantastic Hotel Magdalena closer to Antequera.

Secondly,  Just turn up and buy your ticket at the gate. (10 euros each and you can pay by card as well as cash). Remember that the entrance for the Caminito del Rey is at the reservoirs/kings chair/el kiosko side… The north entrance. Right now you cannot start the walk from the El Chorro (south) side…

This is because there are a percentage of tickets (6% of the 1100 people allowed in daily.) When you can enter depends on how many people turn up for each allocated time slot. The maximum amount of people that enter every half an hour is 60 people so if you are there to buy your ticket at 11am and there are only 45 people checking in then you will be allowed to go along with that group… If there are 60 people you will have to wait for the next group in 30 minutes time.

Speaking with the manager there she told me that very rarely do people have to wait for more than an hour and on this day she had sold 120 entries at the gate and the people went in almost straight away but, she did say…”Try to get here as early as possible for the morning entries and weekends or holidays can be more complicated sometimes meaning people get turned away”

Even if you do have to wait a while, it really isn’t a hardship to sit and admire tha amazing scenery at the entrance to the Caminito del Rey!

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  1. I’m planning on visiting on Sunday 9th April. Tickets are sold out! Is it worth taking the risk…?

    The transport from Malaga only arrives at 10.50ish at El Chorro… I don’t mind waiting, but it would be a waste if I went all the way and then wasn’t able to do the hike…!

    1. Hi, it is difficult to say as it is a Sunday and obviously weekends are busier than workdays…. Still, the train ride is nice and you can explore the area a little bit if there are no tickets available at the gate… I would still go anyway…

      1. Hello, any idea what is there to do in the area if the caminito is closed due to wind? Another hike eventually? We also come by train. Thanks!

        1. Well, you can still get the bus to the lakeside/kingschair area and then walk down to the entrance of the Caminito del Rey… The area around the reservoirs is very nice and there are plenty of places to have a beer and lunch…

    1. On a Sunday I would doubt it…. There are 10 of you? Maybe during the week but as you can imagine weekends are always busier in any tourist attraction.

      1. Five of us are going to be there from 11 till 20 April . What days would you recommend? My daughter is seven and an half- tall and fit- do you think that I can try to take her with us?

        1. Hi, First you need to check to see if there is a space available for the 5 of you for one of the dates you are in the area…. Or try your hotel to see if they can help out or maybe a guided visit… I know tickets for spring and summer are going fast…. Re the age, its up to you… 7.5 is almost 8 (8 is tyhe age limit)

          If you are going to just turn up at the gate then as early as possible and better on a weekday but there is no guarentee that you will get in.

  2. Hi, we are only in Malaga for 2 nights – 21st and 22nd May and since the hike is closed on the Monday, we are limited to only the Sunday.

    On the website – this is already booked out unfortunately.
    We only need x2 tickets.
    Do you think its worthwhile to show up on the Sunday morning? We don’t really want to travel unless we have a high likelihood of getting in.

    1. Hi Felicity… I would say not, it is a Sunday and it is Easter week……. Still, you never know if you got there early enough… I would suggest exploring more of Malaga. So many excellent museums and the castle and the port to explore….

      If you have a car then you could set off early, it is a nice drive up the lakes and the scenery is stunning… Fantastic food in the Hotel Posada del Conde right on the Dam by the Kings chair area

  3. Hi.
    We would like to visit on Thursday 20 th April. Only one ticket is available at 9:30. – we need 3 tickets.
    Should I pay the one and maybe buy the rest 2 tickets at the gate?
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips!
    We couldn’t get tickets for Friday 26th May so as you recommended we turned up at about 10:15 at the North Entrance Gate. We were able to buy tickets (two) and go on the Caminito right away!
    So glad we could make it 

  5. How can I buy tickets for October? It’s not available on the website. Is it published later? I hope it’s not closed..😁

    1. Hi Susanne, No the Caminito del Rey is not closed 🙂 The ticket website is allowing up to and including the 30th of September 2017…. I would guess that in August they will open up the tickets for the last quarter of the year (october to december) Just keep checking the site…. You could follow the official site on facebook if you use it… I see that they said coming soon the tickest for october….

  6. Hi,

    Wanting to visit on Tuesday 1st August but tickets are sold out on the website. We are hoping to go earlier on in the day as we are flying home that evening. There are four of us, do you think it is likely we will get tickets without a very long wait time?

    1. Get there as early as you can and don’t be too disapointed if you can’t get in…. It is holiday season after all… However it is a weekday so that helps a bit. It is still a fantastic area to visit even if you don’t get tickets…

  7. Hello,
    today we visited Caminito del Rey and we have not booked tickets online before. We went there around 10 am and only 2 persons. It was absolutely no problem to get tickets and we were directly going on the trail. Thank you for tips.

  8. Hi,

    when i want tot buy tickets on the official website for caminito del rey, they show me 2 options one says entrada general and the other one says visita guiada. we wanted to go on the 15th of august but the tickets for entrada general are all sold out. but now there are tickets available for the visita guiada. but what does that mean? is it an organized tour? with a tourguide and how long does that take and is it also worth it?


    1. Hi, “Visita Guiada” means “Guided Visit” to answer your question… If there are no spaces available for the date you want then the guided visit is an alternative…… You could also try just turning up as I mentioned in this article 🙂 If you don’t want a guided tour

  9. Hi Clive, thank you so much for this info! I was really disappointed when I couldn’t get tickets, but from reading your page we (3 of us) decided to take a chance and turned up yesterday at 9.30am and walked straight in. I’m so glad we did as it was fantastic, albeit very hot at the end, which a cooling swim in the reservoir at the north end (opp the bus drop off point) sorted out.

  10. Hi there,
    I had basically given up on seeing the Caminito del Rey but thanks to your advice I took a chance and took the 10:00 train to El Chorro and hopped on the bus to the north entrance. I got a ticket straight away and was able to enjoy a beautiful day out there. Thanks a million!

  11. Hi Clive

    Me and three friends are planning to go to El Caminito Del Rey in October 17th. The general tickets are sold out online up until 2:30PM which is a bit late since we’re also trying to do a Via Ferrata climb that same day. I was wondering what are the chances of us being able to get tickets if we show up when they open?

    Also, I did see a guided tour available, is it worth it? Are we able to just buy it and walk it without the tour guide?

    Also, how often do they close Caminito because of external circumstances like wind/weather?

    Thanks for this information.

    1. Hi. You can try just turning up, as you can see in the comments here quite a few people have gotin without a problem….. The idea of a guided tour is to be guided so they wont let you wander off on your own on a guided tour 🙂 The Caminito closes for high winds and when it is very rainy… (this causes rockfalls…) If it is a calm day with blue skies the path will be open..

  12. Excellent advice. As Sarah on 5 August, really disappointed not to be able to book tickets as they seem to be sold out for weeks in advance. By chance I found your page and we risked the 2 hour drive arriving just after 10:00. Lots of people queuing with their timed slots but 4 of us were able to walk straight to the kiosk, bought tickets and the staff just fitted us straight into the first group leaving. So glad I found your page.

    1. I would expect that tickets for summer 2018 for the Caminito del Rey will be opened up sometime in late spring 2018… Normally it is about a month before the start of each quarter… Hope that helps.

  13. Hi all,

    I have bought 3 tickets so my friend and I can do the trip same time, so I’m selling 1 for the 12th November, 9:30 as we need only 2.
    Price is £10. Email for it to elacska at gmail dot com.
    Price is now 18 Euros.

    Wishing everyone great time up there 🙂

  14. Hi staying in Malaga 20 to 23 march 2018 when will the tickets go on sale,catching the train from Malaga to EL churro thank you

    1. I would suppose sometime around November december. Normally three months in advance is as far as the tickets are available…

  15. Hi Clive

    Super helpful post. We are a group of 4 friends planning to do the del rey from Malaga tomorrow or day after. Ticket options r all sold out but we gonna tk a chance and turn up at 930am. Fingers crossed:)

    1. Latest comment on this subject just before yours “Even though the website showed SOLD OUT we took a chance and went on 11October without tickets. NOT a problem.!
      There was about 30 or 40 people waiting to buy at the entrance and clearly the staff were well prepared for this. Waited no more than 20 minutes and we were in.
      Absolutely fantastic day out.”

  16. We (2 of us) went last week (mid week) and fine without having tickets. We got there as early as we possibly, taking the first (9am) bus from El Chorro where we were staying. There was a queue for all the ‘non-ticket’ people already in place by the time we arrived of approx 50-100 people and so there was a bit of a wait but we got to the front and let through by about 10.30am. In actual fact not that many people actually joined the queue after us before we got to the front (say approx 30) but that obviously might not be the case every day.

  17. Hello!
    Thanks for the hint.
    We arrived at 09:27 (ca 50 people were in queue) and entered around 09:50 on Tuesday so it took less than half hour to get inside and buy tickets for three persons 🙂
    That was amazing course and 100% worth visiting.


  18. I’ve been there on 28th of November, Did not find a single machine for tickets, However a PDF file that they sent is enough, Either printed or stored on smartphone (i’ve been using smartphone)

  19. Hello,
    I only have one date to visit the Camino, on the 29th March 2018. I only need 1 ticket and I have a car. It is Easter Week, but not a weekend. Do you think I can take the risk?

    Thank you,
    Francisca Calado, Portugal

    1. Sure, go for it… Just get there as early as you can… Many people get their tickets at the gate… As you say it is Easter so there is a pòssibility that you won’t get in…

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