Caminito del Rey reopens 17 December 2021

Caminito del Rey reopens 17 December 2021

Well, it looks like all the red tape and legal problems have finally been ironed out after a couple of months of uncertainty and the Caminito del Rey reopens 17 December 2021.

The lack of available information recently from any official sources has been a failure, in my opinion, as a simple statement posted on social feeds and a recorded message at the phone number would have sufficed to inform people as to the situation.

Over the last couple of days the official website has had a bit of a makeover (and I expect to see more changes over the coming weeks). It is available in Spanish and English and also has added a “Subscribe to the Telegram channel” link at the bottom of all pages. (Telegram is a messaging app with over 500 million monthly active users and is one of the 10 most downloaded apps in the world). This will, presumably, be used to send important messages (such as closures due to bad weather) to subscribers alongside the main social network accounts of twitter and facebook.

The official website is a bit more cleaner looking now and at the top left you can register an account whilst at the top right you will see the link to book a ticket. (Registration of an account is now an obligatory part of booking a ticket).

All the original information and articles seem to be there, its just organised in a different way without left or right columns presumably with the intention of making it easier to navigate on a mobile phone.

The official website for booking tickets is here:

Plans are also being drawn up to finally open the visitor centre and huge car park that are at present in a terrible abandoned state and most probably the main reason that the people previously running the Caminito del Rey lost the contract to the new company. These two sites have been promised to open as soon as possible and will become the main area for information, buying tickets at the gate and parking for cars, coaches and buses. This in turn will take some traffic away from the kiosko/kings chair area which has become very congested and dangerous for pedestrians.

The updated instructions to get a ticket can be found here:

If all else fails and you can’t get a ticket for the dates that you want from the official reservation system then try Get Your Guide:

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