Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)

Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)

The Caminito del Rey is a popular walkway in Andalusia, Spain. Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket) one must first register for an account on the website

An alternative to the official website is to book a ticket for the Caminito del Rey at the Viator website here.

Key points
  • Once the account is created, tickets can be purchased through the site. The entry permit is 10 Euros per person and the site accepts payment by credit/bank card.
  • The path is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday, but is closed on Mondays and on specific holidays.
  • If the desired date is not available, there is the option to book a guided tour or stay in a local hotel, although the online form may not be available in all cases.
  • In order to complete the booking process, it is important to have a valid email and password, and to confirm the account through the email sent.
  • When purchasing tickets, the user must choose the date, time and type of entry, which includes options for just the entry ticket, entry plus shuttle bus, or guided tour.
  • Payment must be made with the credit card used during the registration process, and a confirmation email will be sent with the reference number to take with you on the day of the walk along with a passport and credit card.

Instructions to get your ticket for the Caminito del Rey

  • Remember! CLOSED ON MONDAYS...
  • When does the path open? Every day from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • When does it close? Every Monday, and January 1st, December 24th, 25th and 31st December


Entry permits are 10 Euros per person, 18 for the guided tour and 11,55 for the entry and shuttle bus… Payment is made by credit/bank card in full during the booking process. You must create an account on the system in order to purchase tickets for the Caminito del Rey

Step by step instructions – Caminito del Rey. Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket).
Remember! You have to register an account first
  • Go to (This is the English language home page.)
  • Register with the site first! At the top left you will see a link for registering or logging in. (REGISTRO / ACCESO ESPACIO PERSONAL) Register with a valid email and password which in Spanish is the word “Clave“. (NOTE: YOUR PASSWORD MUST CONTAIN NUMBERS AND LETTERS!) “Si todavía no estás registrado, puedes hacerlo en el formulario de RegistroThis means if you don’t have an account then create one……
  • Click Registro. Fill out the registration form and register your account. (Don’t forget to check the two boxes before you click on “Aceptar” and try to get the capcha code right first time!
  • Check your email for confirmation (don’t forget to look in your spam folder). The email takes an age to arrive.. In my case with 5 test accounts more than 10 minutes! YOU MUST confirm the account by clicking “Activar” in the email.
Buying your tickets for the Caminito del Rey
  • At the the top right, click on “Purchase Tickets” and you’ll be taken to the booking portal (Sometimes it switches back to Spanish) Look for the English language link to change back again.
  • (If you are rebooking for another date because of closure on your original date of entry click on the link at the top that says “CANJEO POR CIERRE”. (Or Exchange by Closing) Select the new date you want and then add the original reference number from the email you received when you made your initial reservation.)
  • The page with the calendar should load straight away so that you can select the date that you would like the permit for. (use the buttons to navigate through the calendar and select the date you want. If they are not available you will see YELLOW dates and “Agotado” means no places available… GREEN dates means there is availability…
  • Click a date and then select the hour you want to walk the Caminito del Rey and Enter how many people are going in your group.
  • At this point in order to continue you must login to the site with the account you created earlier.
  • You can select the just ticket or ticket plus bus ticket or guided tour. Parking is also available to pay for in advance.
  • Make sure that you tick the box to say you accept the rules – (He leído y acepto las condiciones generales de compra y Política de Privacidad.)
  • Click on” Finalizar” and enter your card details and click “Pagar”. You will receive an email with confirmation of your entry…PRINT THIS and take it with you along with your passport AND the credit card that you used to make the purchase on the day of your walk.
Try to get you info correct first time!

Note: Try to get all your info right the first time. Sometimes when the page refreshes and you have got something wrong, the information you previously entered is lost and you have to start again.

Some people are having trouble with the system accepting certain emails. If this happens try a different email address.

If you can’t get a ticket for the day you want then the one alternative is to stay in a local hotel. These are the ones nearest to the Caminito del Rey.


Get Your Guide

If it is impossible to get a normal entry ticket from the online system or elsewhere then the only option may be a guided visit (An excellent option for larger groups as well!). Have a look at these options at the Get Your Guide website

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The Caminito del Rey

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177 thoughts on “Booking the Caminito del Rey (how to buy a ticket)”

  1. Hello!
    Pls, help me 🙂

    What time do you recommend for return train from El CHorro to Malaga? 13:51 or 16:39?
    We will arive to El chorro from Malaga with the first morning train (08:58 Malaga -9:37 Chorro)

    And 2nd question: What is difference between MD and Proximad train? Does it matter which I choose?

    Thanks a lot!
    Aleš from Prague

    1. Hi Aleš

      Getting the earlier train back to Malaga is doable but a bit too rushed for me…I would get the later train as that means you have time to have an explore and lunch when you finish the walk at El Chorro.

      Remember that the walk does not start from El Chorro. When you get off the train you need to get the shuttle bus and then walk down to the start point. (All that could take an hour if you include some waiting time for the shuttle bus.

      MD is media distancia, I have not heard of “proximad” I wonder if you saw the link for the “next” train as proxima means next????

      Have a great trip and do let us know how you get on!

  2. Any advice on most direct way transport wise to get to caminito del ray (entrance to hike) from Marbella? If taxi, what sort of costs? Is there a direct train alternative, not via malaga?
    Many thanks

  3. Can you enter Camitino del Rey anytime during the day with a general admission ticket? The website only gives you an option for 8:40 when buying a ticket, does it mean you have to be there at that time? I tried searching but didn’t find anywhere answer to this.

    1. No you can’t enter any time you like…. All the entries are in time slots…. So if you are seeing just one time, then that is the only entry time and no other time slots are available…. When you start the booking process you can see the time slots availble yes?

      1. For guided tours there are several available options, bit no matter which date you choose, there is only one option for general admission ticket and it is 8:40

        1. Jenni… You are seeing that because all other time slots have been sold out for the dates that you are looking at…. Your only options are… Take the guided tour for times that suit you better, Take the 8:40 self guided option or, for more flexibility on date and entry time, with a third party guided visit….

          To be fair, many museum and monument sites now have time slots for entry. Look at the science park or Alhambra in Granada for example?

          Also I don’t know what dates you are looking at but as a general rule you should try to book as far in advance as you can….. Let me know how you get on….

          1. We still haven’t decided between a guided tour and general admission. 8:40 is really early considering we have to drive from Fuengirola. At what time should we be there to make it on time? I understood that we have to take a bus from the parking lot, but have no idea how long it takes or how frequently these buses run. Their home page is not that informative.

          2. Thats why I created this website which DOES have the information that you need if you just look a bit and read…..

            You need to be parking in the Kings Chair/ Kiosko area at least an hour before your start time (shuttle bus is to return to your car) as you have a 20 minute walk to the start point and you should really be there half an hour before your entry time.

            I can only repeat…. I think that your best option is a guided tour including transport from the Malaga area…..

  4. Hi Clive,

    I am planning an one way trip from Granada to El Chorre and then continue to Malaga. Is there any place near the train station El Chorre I can leave my luggage (probably lockers/hotel/shop)?

  5. Hello Clive

    What do you think the chances are we could do the walk on 26 December 2021 (next week). We have no Xmas plans and thought we would travel to El Chorro and maybe get lucky? We stayed at Benalmadena a couple of months ago and saw adverts in the hotel for the walk so we assume it is up and running?

    Any light shed would be gratefully received. Lynda

    1. Hi Lynda, the official website is showing availabilities for the 26th of December. When you select the time it will drop down to show you have many places are left for that time slot…

      1. Thanks so much Clive, very happy to hear the walk is open.

        Wishing everyone felices fiestas and especially hop that año nuevo is good.

        Peace and Love

  6. Hi
    trying to book on the official website but it has the below information on the route section. does this mean that we have to do the first part of the route without the guide?

    Access 1. Tunnel 1, the Gaitanejo path, 50 minutes 2,7 km
    Access 2. Tunnel 2, the Gaitanejo track 20-25 minutes 1,5 Km
    Reception booth and Gatanejo´s dam
    tickets validation and helmets pick up —

    Thanks for your confirmation

    1. Hi, yes you are correct that the meeting point is at the reception booth if you have bought the guided ticket from the official website. (There may be another arrangement if you get a guided tour from a third party company). Have a great day.

    1. Hi James.. What you are trying to do is pretty much impossible I am afraid… The official online reservation system only releases tickets about 6 weeks in advance so July 2022 for example should be available in late May and June 2022… I see some of the guided companies about 3 months in advance sometimes. Have a look here… and see if you can find some advance tickets… If not then you’ll have to wait till a lot closer to your travel time…. Best of luck! 🙂

  7. I just purchased 6 tickets for June. I received confirmation of purchase with a confirmation number on it, but no tickets or bar codes. Is this all that is needed?

    1. Make sure you have your mobile with you so that you can show the people at the checkpoint what you recieved… All will be fine I am sure….

  8. Hello,
    I booked tickets and paid, but tickets weren´t printed and I didn´t received e-mail with information about booking. I have only reservation nr. Is possible print tickets now? Or is possible have only reservation nr. for access?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, did you check your spam filter? People say that sometimes emails get treated as junk… Where did you get your reservation number from?

      The people at the gate are very helpful so if all you have is a reservation number and you explain what has happened i am sure that they will try to get you on the walkway….

  9. Hi Clive. I would like to add my thanks to your efforts here, most of my questions have been answered by reading the threads. One small question remains, the official website says that rucksacks are not allowed – is that really the case? Are we supposed to have carrier bags for the essentials?

    1. They are refferring to great big trecking rucksacks…. Small ones for your picnic and camera is fine…. Don’t forget. no umbrellas either 🙂

  10. Even though the website showed SOLD OUT we took a chance and went on 11October without tickets. NOT a problem.!
    There was about 30 or 40 people waiting to buy at the entrance and clearly the staff were well prepared for this. Waited no more than 20 minutes and we were in.
    Absolutely fantastic day out.

  11. Hi Clive, I hope you can help me too. My husband is hoping to do the Caminito in January. The plan is that we both drive there, but he will do it alone. Instead of taking the bus back, he would like me to drive to El Chorro to pick him up. I am an excellent driver, however, I nearly died in a car accident on a mountain a few years ago and I am not at all comfortable driving IF there are huge drops by the roadside, also tight bends going down where you can see the bottom of the mountain in front of you. Can you tell me how is the road from El Kiosko to El Chorro? Thanks for any help you may give me.

    1. You will be fine driving… The road from El Kiosko to El Chorro is narrow and windy but two vehicles can pass each other easily and there are no sheer drops to worry about… When you get closer to El Chorro the road drops away to the lake on the left but as you are driving on the right hand side you can’t see it… Just drive slowly and all will be well. 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for your prompt reply Clive – I feel so much more prepared for the day now, which I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

  13. Hi Clive

    Firstly, can I say a huge thank you for providing such a fabulous platform of advice on the Caminito. I spent hours trolling through various websites and happened upon yours by accident and it has virtually answered all my questions and enabled me to book our tickets on line with confidence. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling to navigate around all the logistics and the ticket booking website – was really starting to despair!! We were only able to book tickets with a guide for later this month but figure we will probably just not bother with the guide when we get there, especially if there’s not much in English. We will be catching the 10.05am train from Malaga and have secured tickets for 12.45pm (which was the only time available). I understand the bus from the station leaves every half hour and then it’s a 20 minute walk to the entrance but can you please let me know how long the bus takes.
    Also, do you still need to get a bus back to the station at the end, or is that not necessary? There are only two return trains to Malaga – 3.13pm and 6.03pm so I’m just trying to get an idea how long this will all take without rushing and if catching the 3.13pm train back is realistic.

    1. Hi, and thank you for your very kind comments about this website and its info….. The bus is about 20 mins to get you from the station to the drop off where you walk to the checkpoint… If you have a guided walk I would suppose that you have to stay with the guide and are not allowed to wander off on your own… This would of course upset the head count at the end if you are not with the group they might think something has happened to you!… 🙂

      The walkway ends at the El Chorro side so you don’t get a bus back to the train station… Its a 30 minute stroll from the end of the walk to the train station at el chorro….. You will get the 6:03 as there is too much of a rush for the 3.13….. No problems waiting as you can get a nice tapas and a beer in the hotel garganta which is right by the train station in el chorro…
      Have fun!

  14. Hello =) we want to visit caminitio del rey on the 14.08 at 11:30 and our Train stop at El Chorro at 10:50. It´s to late for the trip 11:30 or?
    So which time we should be at El Chorro latest to pass the entrance at 11:30?
    Many Thanks for you answer

    1. That wont get you to the start point in time for 11:30….. Remember that when you get off the train you then have to catch the shuttle bus (there is one every 30 minutes) to take you to the area where you then walk for 20 minutes to get to the startpoint of the Caminito del Rey….

  15. We would like to make a booking for the Caminito del Rey, but the only bookings still available include a guided tour. Are tours conducted in English or only in Spanish?

    1. People are commenting that the guides can speak some English but for the most part they are in Spanish

    2. Hello, I would like to buy tickets for September 10, 2019. Do you know when there would be available for purchase. Would you recommend a guided tour?

      1. September tickets will probably becoma available on the official website of the Caminito del rey in June or July… The guided tours are very good as you also learn a lot about the history and nature of the area…

  16. Hello.
    I’d like to buy 3 tickets to visit Caminito del Rey.
    The problem is I don’t have a good credit card.
    The cards ,what I have ,polish visa card and dutch maestro,is not able to finish transaction of payment.
    Is there any posibility to pay online or maybe to make a transfer with description or nr of transaction?
    What shall I do?
    We are going to visit Costa del Sol August this year, that’s why I was trying to buy tickets.
    I am afraid the worst,that all the tickets can be sold before we go on vacation.
    Are you able to sell me 3 tickets please.It,s about 06/08/2017 13-00.

    1. Maybe you could find someone (a friend) who does have a working card? Thats the only way you can pay online at the official website… I don’t sell tickets from this website….

  17. If we book the 10.05 train from Malaga, what time should we book to start the walk? Do we get off the train and start walking or catch the bus to the start when we get off the train?

    1. Hi Russel, the train takes about 40 minutes so you arrive at El Chorro by 10:45. Then you have to catch the next available shuttle bus to drive you to the start point of the walk (They leave every half hour or so) I would expect you to be at the start point by sometime around 12. With that in mind you’d need to get a ticket for 12:30 or 1pm/2pm to be more safeside……. Then you arrive back at El Chorro after walking the Caminito and get the train back to Malaga… The walk takes about 3 hours but some people do it in 2…

  18. Hi Clive,

    This was very helpful! Just quick question, are Mondays usually available for hiking? I can’t seem to select any of them on their website?



    1. Hi Elisa, glad my site has helped you… The caminito del Rey is closed on Mondays so thats why that day is not available on the booking calendar…

  19. Hi. We are hoping to book a guided visit for the end of June. Are the guided tours available in English do you know?

    1. I believe that some of the guides speak English but not all of them. Depends on who you get for the tour.

  20. Hi, I bought tickets yesterday for August, on my booking confirmation it says CAMINITO DEL REY (WEB)EE is this correct, have I booked the right tickets??

  21. Hello – will be visiting the week of July 24 and be driving in from Villanueva del Rosario. So, I suppose we have the option to go to the northern entrance by the kings chair/el kiosko bar/lakesides or to El Chorro. I’m looking at the guided tour at 10:00 am (all general admin time slots for the morning are gone all week). Would you recommend parking at the Kiosko bar or El Chorro? And, do I have to make bus arrangements in advance? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Bob… it’s best to park your car at the kiosko/lakeside/kingschair area, do the walk and then get the shuttle bus back to where your car is… the buses run every 30 minutes or so… Remember to allow at least 30 minutes to 1 hour from parking your car to walking to the start point of the caminito….So you’d need to be parked by 8.30/9am at the latest for the 10 am guided walk…

  22. Is there any left luggage place in El Chorro (maybe at the train station or at any hotel)?
    Me and my friend want to visit El Caminito being in transit, from Malaga to Sevilla, and we have some plane cabin baggage with us.
    Thank you for your help!

    1. I don’t think there is anything available at the train station…. You could ask at the hotel Garganta complex to see if they will look after your bags whilst you walk the caminito del rey…. Best to send them an email beforehand to check though….

  23. Hi – we have a reservation for May 10 (2 days from now). Per the instructions above, we have the printed email of our reservation, and the credit card we used to purchase it (and our passports of course). But we don’t have printed tickets (it was never clear that we needed them – we just followed the instructions to bring the emailed reservation). We don’t have an easy way to print tickets now. Is the email of the reservation sufficient? Thanks.

    1. Hi… I think you will be fine with the email as the reservation has a number on the email that they can track….. Make sure you have the email available (Saved) on your mobile…. Remember that there might not be mobile cover!

      1. Thanks Clive. We ended up finding the link to download pdfs of the tickets onto our phone, so that worked fine. There was a url in the email we got with our reservation – we went to that link, entered our names, and got the pdfs of the tickets. That pdf also had the bus tickets on it. The ticket collector for the bus didn’t have a scanner, but she just looked at the tickets on our phone and let us on.
        I think it’d be great if the instructions said that printing the tickets or saving them as a pdf is a step that you need to do before leave home. We thought all you needed to do was to have the email with the reservation.
        Thanks for running this blog – it’s been super helpful!

        1. Hi Alison… Glad all went Ok in the end….. Actually in my step by step guide on getting a ticket it says this…. “Click on” Finalizar” and enter your card details and click “Pagar”. You will receive an email with confirmation of your entry…PRINT THIS and take it with you along with your passport AND the credit card that you used to make the purchase on the day of your walk.” 🙂

          1. Thanks Clive – I guess we misunderstood that to mean “print the confirmation email that you get”. We had to do the separate step I mentioned above (by going to the site referenced in the confirmation email and entering our names next to each ticket) to get the actual tickets with the barcode. Anyway, it all worked out, and we loved the hike! Definitely worth the effort. Thanks again!

  24. Hello,
    We have reserved 12:30 and will come by train from Malaga (10:47),we bought also bustickets and thought we can go by bus to the north. Is it not so, do we have any possibilities getting there?

    1. Hi, the shuttle buses run every half hour or so from El Chorro to the area where the walk starts… Then you walk back to El Chorro along the Caminito del Rey and catch your return train

  25. P.s. As an additional question, if we buy the 4pm tickets, is there a possibility of us being allowed in earlier if we are there and they haven’t got the full group for that particular time slot?

    1. They will probably restrict you to your reserved entry time so just get your tickets and stick to the plan…..

      1. Hi Clive,

        Thank you for your advice. I did book the tickets straight away in the end rather than risking the time slot going and I’m glad I did. We had enough time to get around. We like to take our time and were lucky as they actually allowed us to start at 3.30pm as we were half hour early. It was a beautiful day!

        Thanks again for your very helpful website and feedback!


  26. Hi Clive,

    Firstly, thank you for your very helpful website! It has been so useful 🙂

    My partner & I are looking to visit the Caminito del Rey on a weekday next week and have 4 options, which I am hoping you can help me decide which would be best:

    1. Book 2x tickets for 4pm

    2. Book the last remaining ticket for 9.30am and risk getting the other ticket when we turn up on the day

    3. Wait to see if other time slots become available nearer the time (it’s only a few days away!) and book online

    4. Both of us just turn up on the day and try to get tickets

    My main concern with the first option is that it seems a little late in the day to begin a walk that takes 3-4hrs? Would we still be ok to visit that late? Will it be rushed?

    Look forward to your response!


    1. Hi Liam, my suggestion is book whatever you can when you can… Available time slots vanish by the minute so don’t leave it too late…..Try to get all of your tickets at the same time and don’t wing it hoping that one will be available at the gate… If it isn’t then one of your group will be dissapointed! It’s not dark till 9pm here anyway so a 4pm entry time is fine… 🙂 They won’t rush you along and a 4pm start is a 7pm finish roughly…

  27. Hello,
    I am going to visit Caminito del Rey in August and a train arrival to El Chorro should be approximately at 11AM. Can I book my ticket for 12:30 or should I book the ticket for later? How many hours I need for visit Caminito del Ray? Can I catch the train at 6PM? Thank you

    1. Hi Dorota.. I would make the entry a little later (an hour??) to give your self come extra time to get from El Chorro to the start point of the walk. You will need to get a shuttle bus to take you from el chorro to the start point…The walk takes around 3 hours to go from the kings chair/lakeside and arrive in El Chorro…

  28. Hello! I’m planning a visit for mid April, but the regular tickets are sold out, and there seems to be some availability for guided tours. Do you know if these are offered in English? Thanks!

    1. Some English but I don’t think the guides speak native English… It is still worth it though if that is the only option for your dates…

      1. Hi Clive, I’ve booked us on a tour as well as that was my only option to get a time. Can you tell me where the tour meets? At the start of the walk near El Kiosko, or at the checkpoint?


        1. I presume that you booked a tour with the official webpage for the Caminito del Rey. In that case I would think that the meeting point will be at the start of the walk(checkpoint. Make sure you get there a bit earlier than your start time. Have a great day! 🙂

  29. Afternoon Clive

    I’m aiming to do the walk in February (looking like 16th) and want to do the longer walk at the start which I think is from King’s Chair. I’ll be driving there from Estepona – where should I be aiming for to park please?

    Also am I right in thinking the time I pick to book is for the entry to the “boardwalk” section and I therefore need to work back from that 50 mins to 1 hour plus to work out my park up time/walk start time which I see from one of the websites is 50 mins approx from King’s Chair?


    Ian Wood

    1. Hi Ian, yes your timing is about right (45 minutes from parking to arriving at the checkpoint)… Park anywhere you can along the lakeside from the bar kiosko towards and across the dam to the hotel posada del conde… There is also a pay car park by the mirador restaurant at the lakeside before the kiosko restaurant

  30. Hi Clive,

    I’ve managed to successfully book myself a ticket for the Caminito Del Rey for March – yay! I’ll be using public transport to get there and can see that the best way from Malaga is by train arriving at El Chorro. I’m just not clear on where to go once I arrive at El Chorro as from earlier posts I have read that this is where the walk ends. I have booked the bus along with my ticket, so can you tell me if I can get the bus from the train station or thereabouts in El Chorro to the start point at Kings Chair/El Kiosko Bar/Lakesides? Also I presume that the self service ticket machines are located at Kings Chair?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Gayle…. The bus timetable are here… (scroll to the bit that says horarios de invierno (winter hours)) …You should be able to get off the train at el chorro and get a bus fairly quickly to the lakeside where you will start your walk….

      Not sure what you mean by the self service ticket machines??? At the entrance to the walkway there are people who check your tickets and the system isn’t automated with ticket machines??? (Or it wasn’t the last time I visited a month ago)

      1. Thanks, I’ll take a look at the link.

        When booking my ticket through the website, on the page where you enter your name it tells you to collect tickets from the self service machine using the debit card used for the purchase. I’ve printed my ticket now so I suspect I’m sorted, saves me wasting time looking for a machine!!!

        Thanks again.

  31. Hello, I am visiting from the UK and have just bought 2 tickets for 10.30 on Sunday (15th Jan). We shall be driving to El Chorro, can you please confirm where we need to go and what time we need to be there?


    1. Hi Jeremy… There is a map of the area here…

      Remember that you must go to the northern entrance by the kings chair/el kiosko bar/lakesides… Not El Chorro which is the finishing point…. You need to have parked your car by 9am at the latest because the walk to the start point is about half an hour and you should really be there an hour before your entry time….. Once you have walked to El Chorro along the Caminito del Rey you will be able to get the shuttle bus back to your car (every 30 minutes or so)

  32. Hi clive ….we booked two tickets for 4/11 at 14.30. We will come from Ronda by car. How many time it takes to arrive from ronda to ardales where it is the beginning of the tour? It is right that in the pdf of the tickets do not our names appear ? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, The Caminito del Rey is about an hour by car from Ronda.. (Allow an hour and a half really)… I thought that there would be one name on the ticket that you printed but maybe they have changed the booking system again. Remember the start point is at the lake side/El Kiosko restaurant and NOT at the village of El Chorro…

  33. Also one more question. It says in November it is open from 10:00-2:00. Does that mean everyone has to be out by 2 or is that the last time someone can enter? How long does it take to walk once you are on the actual path?

  34. I have a few questions and thank you in advance for your help. We will be driving from Nerja, so what town do I put in the navigation? I can’t tell if I am supposed to park in El Chorro and take a bus from there, or drive to the other town?

    Also is there a better time of day for hiking it? We will be there on November 11th. I’m hoping it won’t be intensely hot…..also wondered it there is a better time for taking photos there?

    1. Put El Chorro in your navigation… Once at el Chorro you need to drive around to the North side where the resevoir dams are and the start point is not far from the Kiosko bar restaurant right on the shore of the lake…. Park in that area and then do the walk. Once you arrive at El Chorro you can then get a shuttle bus back to the start point and your car…

      Please share with your friends and family. Thanks!

  35. Hi Clive,
    we have 2 additional ticket avaliable for date October 15, 2016 – 13,30 pm, entry + bus, total price 11,55 eur each.
    Is it possible to return the tickets or is there anyone interested in buying them?

    1. You will have to contact them directly and ask what the procedure is, I presume you had an email with the permits to the Caminito del Rey? As far as I know tickets are not transferable as you booked in your name and I doubt if there is a refund available.

  36. hi CLive,
    what a helpful website – I was totally confused when I tried out the website that gives the option for English then doesn’t use English.
    We are staying in Ronda and I am wondering whether we should see if a tour is available or whether we can get there under our own steam without a car? Can we get a train/ Bus to King’s Chair where the walk starts? thanks

    1. Hi Suzanne, I am sorry to be so late in Replying to you…. Renfe have just introduced a new daily service between Malaga and both El Chorro and Ronda. but its not much help I am afraid. The train departs Málaga MZ station at 10.05, stops at Álora at 10.30 and arrives at El Chorro at 10.43 and Ronda at 11.52. The return train leaves Ronda at 16.55, leaves El Chorro at 18.02 arriving in Álora at 18.15 and Málaga MZ at 18.47.

      It’s the wrong way around for you. You could ask in the bus station but I think the time it takes won’t work… A car is really the best option from Ronda…

  37. Hello,
    is passport necessary for entrance into Caminito or is ID card enough? We have several tickets, that I bought with my passport, but one of the ticket owners does not have a passport. We are EU citizens. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ela, you should be able to use a normal european identity card but the booking system wil llet you know by rejecting the number if it is not a correct identity number

  38. Hi, I trvale with my husband to Malaga and when we checked ticket during weekend, everything was sold out. We found last tickets for guided tour on July 31st, so we booked guided tour. Now I checked and there are plenty free ticket for regular tour and also for other dates. Is it possible to cancel and book regular tour? If not, I have one more question, we have time 12:45 and seems for us good as there is train to El chorro from Malaga at 10:05. But now I read that shuttle bus starts at 12:30?!!!! How can we get to El Kiosko from El Chorro? (We are not going to book accommodation there). Thank you.

      1. Hi, thanks, finally everything ended up well. We took guided tour and it was great! Guide was very nice and told us many interesting information. And the whole path was just stunning, it was amazing experience that we will never forget…

        1. Many people take the cheaper option and miss out on the guided benefits…. Well done Klaudia I am glad that you enjoyed your guided tour of the Caminito del rey

  39. Thanks for the guidance. Some feedback from doing the walk today. Had to book the walk at the last moment which meant no way to print the tickets.
    The website is not good but with a bit of care it all seems to work. First problem on an iPad is that some of the pages are bigger than the screen. Things like language selection and the buttons to select your timeslot are only visible if you swipe in from the right. I had a problem with an ‘unvalid’ email address as well. This was my fault as the email confirmation box is right under the passport number box. I wasn’t reading properly and was trying to re-enter my passport number. All worked when I spotted this.
    As I couldn’t print the tickets, I took my phone along with a pdf image. This was fine as all they wanted to do at the kiosk was scan the QR code on the ticket. FOR US, no other ID was requested. Just make sure you have an offline copy of the pdf as you can’t download it when you arrive if there’s no phone signal.
    You must start the walk at the north end. Trying to find this on a map is not easy as the ‘entrance’ kiosk is 15 minutes walk from the road. For us ‘Caminito del rey acceso norte’ is findable in Google Maps. Just drive there. It’s really obvious when you arrive and plenty of parking nearby.
    Finally, despite a previous comment, we found toilets at both ends.

    1. Hi, I am sure that you would be able to call a taxi from 1 of the bars on the El Chorro side after you finish the walk.

  40. hello, thanks for all your help its been very useful! One question, can you chose what side of the route your start? It isn’t specific to tickets?

    Thanks for a great service and help, my Spanish friend was struggling to use the website!

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your kind comment. No, you can’t choose the entry point. The walkway is 1 way starting from the kings chair/reservoir/Bar el Kisoko side. When you reach el Chorro side you get the bus back to the start point…

  41. Hi. Am really confused (or stupid!). If we get to train station at el chorro how do we get to start of walk and/or back to station? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Lynne, you would arrive at El Chorro and then catch 1 of the buses that run every half hour or so to the start point. Then, walk back along the Caminito to El Chorro where you catch your train. Make sure you book your entry time to coincide with train times.

  42. Hi Clive,
    I’ve promised you to give you some feedback after visting Caminito del Rey.
    I booked my four tickets on the 22nd of April on the website and it worked very well.
    We started our walking tour on the 18th of May at 12 o’clock from restaurante El Kiosko on the north side and it took us 3½ hours to reach the busstop in El Chorro. It was an amazing trip that I can recommend others to do. Beautiful landscape in this mountain area.
    In the future I would suggest a better logistic so that you don’t have to do so much queuing by the entrance and at the buss stop. It took us more than half en hour to board the bus.
    The bussdriver had to tear of the ticket from the boardingpass with a ruler from every passenger. He was not familiar with that. Some passengers paid for the tickets with cash. He got no small change, because of getting so many banknotes.
    The worst thing was the lack of toilets.
    This pulls down the overall experience, but we are all children at the beginning.
    Anyway I will recommend this walking tour to everyone. It was exciting and not so dangerous at all. Even for me who have problems with heights and vertigo.
    Many thanks for your good websites and comments, Clive!
    It was a good birthday gift for me on the 18th of May 2016 with many nice fotos from the Caminito del Rey


    1. Hi there

      Just a quick question, is this starting point downhill? I’m reading that there is more than one but taking my parents so don’t want the uphill one!

      I had to book for 5:30pm as most time slots were take (13th July). Hoping it will be a bit cooler than the height of the afternoon.

      We have a car and just want to make sure we know where we are going, plan to see the lakes first since we have the morning free. How long will it take us to get to the starting point and how early do we need to get there? Some pointers would be great!


      1. Hi Sakina, The only way to start the walk is from the lakes/el Kiosko/ Kings chair side. (The entrance from el chorro side is not open) so yes, you will be walking mostly downhill or level…. At 5:30pm it will still be very hot so make sure that you take plenty of watrer with you…. If you park somewhere near the Kiosko restaurant or the mirador restaurant it will take you 20 to 30 minutes to walk to the actual entrance gate of ther Caminito. Hope that helps and please send me some pictures or any comments about your day….. Also, if you are having lunch then try the Posada del Conde on the reservoir side…. Great food and lovely people working there 🙂

  43. Hi,
    for last minute booking I find three different links:

    What is the difference and what do I have to choose as a private person?

    1. To be honest I dont see a difference between the three links for last minute bookings and it isnt clear why there are 3 different links… But yes you should choose as a private person

  44. Hello, nearly booked tickets but for some reason it is not accepting our e-mail addresses. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas?


    1. Yes, some people are having a similar problem with the email… Can you try a different email address?

  45. Hello,
    I want to buy 5 tickets. The system says “unvalid email” but the email is right. What can I do?

      1. Clive, this website is a terrific help and prepared me for the difficulties of using the online booking. The email problem that people have may be because the last box to be filled in, bottom right, asks you to repeat some information. Because that box was under the passport number box I put in my passport number. Wrong: it is for you to repeat your email address.

  46. Hello!

    The site is quite vague & confusing. I can get 55 tickets for tomorrow afternoon, but there are only 3 tickets available at varying times for the entire month of June? hmmm…
    Where is the best place to park an auto?

    Best regards,


    1. I agree with you Jeff, the booking website is a confusing mess even for Spanish native speakers who tend to go round in circles before getting a reservation… Hopefully it will get better soon. Trt using one of the other links on the home page to get a permit in the upcoming 3 or 4 days… (The dates for tickets are at the bottom of eacj Caminito del Rey booking logo image…

      Re parking, you can park anywhere from the area by the Hotel Posada del Conde along the lake in designated spaces and the parking area by the big camping site… Getting there as early as you can helps a lot…

      1. Hi Clive,
        Thanks for the response! I just went back on the site and got tickets for my day! (21 Jun) There are hundreds available now. Thanks again for the help!

  47. HI there,
    I would like to go CAMINITO DEL REY on 22-May 2016.But I saw all the tickets already sold out. If I want to try my luck to book those last minutes ticket( with (ag), (es) and (co) ), what is the different between those ticket?
    BTW I will stay in a hotel in Malaga for one night only, they can’t help me to book the ticket on 22-MAY 2016. If I fail to book the last minute ticket, is there any other method to go inside?Thank you.


    1. Hi Sunny, I think you will have to rely on one of the last minute (2 or 3 days in advance) links and hope for the best. The ticketing system is very confusing for people, even native Spanish speakers. Bets of luck and let me know how you get on….

  48. Hello,

    I plan to visit the caminitio in august. My plan is to stay overnight at the camping in El Chorro and will take the bus in the morning to the entrance. I found a plan for the busses. I noticed that the earliest bus left El Chorro at 8.45 in the morning in direction north. Is this right?
    How long will the bus drive north to the destination at the Kiosk where my walk to the entrance starts?
    And is it early enough to reach in time the entrance at 9.30 ( 30 min before 10.00) for the first start to the caminito?
    I have my own helmet. Is it allowed to use this or do I have to use this from the organisation?

    Kind Regards

  49. Hi Guys,

    Just one question.
    After buying a ticket ( following your instructions, god bless you 😉 ) i finally got to the print a ticket part. Something went wrong and i didn’t take a picture or saved it but money from my account was taken. Will I receive any confirmation email or do you maybe have their contact number?

    Thanks for everything!

    1. Hi Paulina, did you get an email yet? Check your spam folder… Or maybe they have changed the system again and are now not sending emails… If you don’t have your ticket then the only thing to do is call them or email from the contact info on the booking website…

  50. Really appreciate the information provided.
    I was able to purchase 2 tickets for June 24 2016 but it only required me to enter one name and one passport number – will that be a problem? I read that names and passport details are required for all ticket holders. If so is there a website to enter the second person’s details.
    The earliest time I got tickets for was 1500 hours – is there anything we need for that hour of the day from heat or if it gets dark?
    Also I heard it is safer now to do the walk. Is safety equipment provided and is there help along the way? We have never climbed mountains etc but are comfortable walking 10km +.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Rajeev, I try to keep the info here as up to date as possible but I would appreciate it if you would let me know when you go how it went re checking in etc… The system has changed again and it seems that just 1 person gets the permits for all people going. Still, it is best for people to carry their id with them at all times anyway just in case. You should have yours and maybe even the card that you used to pay with.

      Dark won’t be a problem but make sure you have a hat and suncream plus plenty of water for everybody. The walk is completely safe and you will be supplied with hard hats for the walk when you enter.

  51. Maybe they have changed the site, but the larger image of the four is on the top right, not top left.
    Am I correct in thinking the top right image is now the image I should use for a member of the public booking?

    1. Basically, they keep changing the layout…. The main booking calendar is still at the top left with 3 last minute booking links and also a 5th one for changing your date to a new one if the Caminito is closed for some reason…

  52. could you please let me know what the start times are for the walk

    we are staying by the raiway station how often are the buses and what is the price to the start of the walk

    1. Hi Robert, the buses run every half an hour or so and its a couple of Euros. Of course it depends what time you have your permit for, if its early you may have to find another way to get to the start point. The best people to help you with this on the day is your hotel…

  53. Hi Clive,

    Thank you for such detailed and informative guide on how to book the Camihito tickets. May I check if you know when the dates for Sept/Oct is going to be released? I followed your instructions for booking and it seems that the date are only opened till 30th June. Thanks in advance for your kind help!

    1. Hi Kylie, The reservation system will probably open for july, august and september during the last part of June. (Thats what hapopened last year anyway)

  54. The website did not like my E U or USA passport number and I do not know what Tif, one of the requirws blanks, means.

    Any help please?

    1. Hi Anne, not sure what has gone wrong there as I know other people with US passports have used theirs OK and without issue… I don’t understand the second part of your message, sorry…

      1. The “Tif” blank was the problem. Finally figured out it was for ” Telefono”. We had a beautiful day for our walk on April 27 and thought El Caminito was truly spectacular! If we had not had the restaurant El Mirador as an end point, we might have had a bit more of a problem finding the start. So thanks for all the helpful hints!
        Ann from Northern California

  55. Is there any posibility to get tickets for apríl 30 or may 1 when in the online systém is writen:”agotado”?

  56. Have all the dates now been booked up as the website only seems to show Friday 22nd April 2016 – or are they just releasing a few dates at a time?

    1. Hi Jillian, they have changed the booking page again… its really confusing for even Spanish speaking people….. You need to click on the top left image that says Caminito del Rey or the “comprar” link here
      There are four links for comprar and only 1 is for private people. The other links have (ag), (es) and (co) after the words Caminito del Rey… Once the page reloads just use the calender to navigate to May, June etc…. Hope that helps…

      1. Thanks, I booked the tickets, printed off no problem and thoroughly enjoyed the walk last week!! (wasn’t asked for passport or the card I booked with just had the printed tickets scanned)

        1. Hi Jillian, thanks for that feedback it helps me a lot… I have had other people commenting that theyhad to show their passports so I am still advising people to take their id with them…

  57. Hi,
    I have booked tickets for 2 people on the 21st may. We are staying in Malaga and am not sure on the best way to get to the start of the walk. The time we have booked is 1200. Any help would be fantastic!
    Thanks John

  58. I’ve booked today for a group of 13 of us for 5 May at 10.30 am. We are being taken there in a mini bus. What time will we need to get there ready for our start time of 10.30 am? Also, when I booked for my group it only requested my passport details. Do the others still need to take theirs? Do we start from the Ardales side? And will our mini bus be able to collect us from the other end? As I’ve heard there are big queues for the buses to bring you back. Sorry, so many questions. Many thanks for your help

    1. Hi Sarah, not sure how you booked so many people as I saw that there was a limit of 4 people along with the person buying the tickets (making a total of 5 people) or, did you do the process 3 times?

      you really need to get there at 9:30 at the latest because from where the bus will drop you off you have a 20 minute walk to get to the caminito entrance gateway. You start from the reservoir/kings chair/El kiosko/Bar Mirador side and your bus will drive around to El Chorro to pick you up… You could tell him to meet you at the train station as thats easy enough to find and there is a bar there for a beer or 2 after your walk. Hope that helps…

  59. Dear Clive,

    We are visiting from Hungary. I managed to buy the tickets and going to rent a car. My question is, that El Chorro is the starting / meeting point of the Camino del Rey trip? We do not want to be late the trip because of any misundersatings….as we are foreigners. Maybe this is stupid question…but thanks in advance for your answer. Regards, Anita

    1. Hi Anita…. The starting point for the walk is from the lakes, kings chair, el kiosko restaurant side and not the village of El Chorro. one way foot traffic also means that you will need to get the bus back to your starting point and car… Buses run every half hour or so.

  60. Hola!

    That about rules now for climbers access? Last year it was writen rule to let in free climbers who has civil liability insurance. Thats heard for this year?


    1. Hi Dennis, I have not heard that this rule will be changed and climbers stopped from enetering…. You should email the official website and ask

      1. As of now bookings are up to September….. They will open up for autumn season nearer to October, maybe in late August or earlt september… Just keep an eye on the website….

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